Caffeine and Adrenal Stress

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I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  While I’ve always liked the smell, I’ve only tried it a couple times and didn’t care for the taste.  I remember the first time when I was a pretty young kid and I wanted to have a cup because all the adults around me were drinking it and I wanted to feel like one of the grown ups.  I finally talked my mom into giving me a cup of coffee.  And it was disgusting! I still remember the bitter taste and actually spitting it back into the cup.  Looking back, I’m willing to bet my mom gave me black bitter coffee on purpose so I didn’t like it and she wouldn’t have a little coffee addict on her hands.

I realize I’m in the minority by not drinking coffee.  I’ve gone to Starbucks with friends many times and it’s insane how much business that company does.  I was recently at my Chandler chiropractor who is also an expert in nutrition and we were discussing caffeine.  After hearing about caffeine’s effects on the adrenal glands, I’m now really glad I never got hooked on coffee.  The adrenals are the “stress glands” and help our bodies handle and adapt to stress.  I have plenty of that in my life and have mild adrenal fatigue.  Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can further fatigue the adrenals.  So I’ll continue to enjoy the smell but will stay clear of that morning kickstart.  If you’d like more information about the subject, contact the best Chandler chiropractic office at Apex Medical Group.

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