Comfortable Beach Clothes for Women

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It does not matter whether you are going to Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Fraser Island you spend most of your time at the beach. Most women pack a lot of clothes and are unable to wear them especially if that is the case. Below are three types of clothes that you should pack for an easy beach vacation:

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1. Coral Swimsuit

It is essential that you bring coral swimwear especially if you have mature figure. Most of these suits have a classic cut that means they are supportive and are not high at the hips. This type of bathing suit helps in concealing your bulging tummy. If you go with coral colour it helps you in highlighting your tan. You can easily find these swimwear at Australia online shops.

2. Maxi Dress

You can always wear a maxi dress especially if you want a changed look. The good thing about maxi dresses is that they are comfortable and easy to carry. Moreover they give a very summery look. You can easily wear different accessories with this kind of dress.

3. Crop top

You can easily pull off a crop top anywhere you want whether if it is at a dinner or a fun party at the beach. A nice skirt or a bottom with a crop top is considered one of the most stylish and comfortable looks. This combo is perfect for all fun activities on the sand.

These are a few types of clothes that you need to pack to have perfect pictures of your beach vacations.


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