Comparing Two Popular Enrolled Agent Courses

   Posted by: navi007   in Business and Management

Choosing an enrolled agent course does not have to be difficult.  That said, if you are new to the enrolled agent exam and have never taken it, choosing between the vast number of enrolled agent courses available can be tricky.  In this short article we are going to be reviewing one of the more affordable courses on the market, as well as a slightly more expensive course.  The first course we wanted to talk about was the wiseguides ea review which is a fantastic course, and can really help you prepare and pass the exam on your first attempt.  The great thing about the wiseguides ea review course, is that it comes with a money-back pass guarantee, in the even that you use the course and don't pass the exam on your first try.

The other course we wanted to briefly talk about is the gleim ea review.  Both the gleim ea review and the wiseguides ea review courses have been around for over a decade, so it's pretty safe to assume they know how to best prepare students for the exam.  While the gleim ea review course does cost about twice as much, you do get quite a bit more with the course.  For starters one of the major benefits of the gleim course, is the fact that they provide you accounting professionals that you can contact over the phone or through email, if you have questions on a particular question or concept.  The benefit of having accounting tutors available to help you cannot be overstated, it's extremely important to master all of the concepts before taking the enrolled agent exam and having tutors that you can reach out to is a big part of doing well.  The other area that the gleim ea review course really shines, is the fact that they use the latest in adaptive learning, which means you are going to spend less time preparing for the exam and covering material that you are already proficient in.