How To Prepare For The EA Exam

   Posted by: navi007   in Business and Management

If you are in the tax preparation field and are looking for a way to demonstrate to your clients you are qualified to handle their tax preparation, then you may want to consider taking the EA exam.  The EA exam is a four hour proctored test, that covers individual, business and administrative questions pertaining to taxation and tax preparation.  While the test is challenging, there are a number of courses and classroom training programs, offered throughout the US to help you to prepare for the exam and pass it on your first try.  The great thing about software like wiseguides ea review is the fact that the questions are from actual past tests and if you spend time studying and using the software, you will find many of the test questions are exactly the same or similar to those on the actual exam.

Besides the wiseguides ea review, there are a number of other companies which offer similar training software and courses.  For instance, surgent ea review offers and adaptive training course, which covers many of the same questions and concepts.  However, with an adaptive learning environment, the software is able to detect which concepts you have mastered and then skip over similar questions to those that you have shown you have mastered.  The benefit of adaptive learning is that you spend less time studying and still are able to cover all of the concepts you need to cover to prepare for the actual exam.  All of the software programs also offer, full exams, which are great to help you prepare for what and get a sense of what the actual test will be like.  Since, many students who take the EA exam, may have been out of school for a very long time and not be physically or mentally prepared for a three to four-hour exam.  By taking a full-length exam, towards the end of your test preparation course, you can use the testing techniques you learned, to get a better sense of what the actual test will be like.