Main parts of a cable trailer

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What if you have to buy a cable trailer tomorrow for your site construction work? How do you distinguish between the set of equipment provided to you? In such situations it is essential that one looks over all the key characteristics of a cable drum trailer for sale. Here are some of the main parts of a cable drum trailer for sale.

cable trailer 0031 Main parts of a cable trailer

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1. Frame

The trailer frame consists of the main beam, support beams, side beams and locks including other components. The strength the requirement of the beams is not much. The side beams of a trailer are made up of channel steel or bent parts.

2. Kingpins

Kingpin is an important part of a cable trailer. It is used to connect the trailer with any sort of vehicle such as a tractor. The kingpin has many types depending upon the structure and size. It is made up of chromium steel alloy.

3. Suspension

The suspension of the cable trailer includes the axles. This part is non independent and it is made up of stamping steel.

4. Guard

A trailer guard includes side guard and rear guard. This is supposed to protect pedestrians and other automobiles. Guards also reduce wind drag and the fuel consumption.

5. Others

Trailers also include trailer accessories. This includes a tool kit, spare tires, tire brackets and a water tank. You can use all these accessories according to your own needs and requirements.

6. Support device

Trailer support device is used to provide sustenance to the trailer after it has been removed from the tractor or any other automobile.

Remember to enhance your knowledge before you go to purchase a cable trailer!

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