Muay Thai Techniques In Sydney

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The pace of life in metropolitan cities like Sydney is increasing and somewhere between rat race people tend to deteriorate their lifestyle leading to health repercussions. This has lead to increase in awareness of keeping oneself fit. There are a variety of ways to maintain fitness including martial arts. Martial arts is getting widely popular across Sydney as a way of fitness, sports or recreation and so does Muay Thai Kickboxing. Muay Thai Kickboxing is a combat sport of Thailand that uses stand up striking along with various clinching techniques. Some of the techniques involved in Muay Thai Kickboxing are:

Throwing a Cross

Throwing the right cross is an essential technique for a devastating fighter in this martial arts in Sydney. You generate the most amount of power behind a properly thrown right cross, also called power shot.

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Throwing a Jab

The jab is the quickest weapon in Muay Thai kickboxing. Particularly used for defensive perspective, if thrown correctly leads to a quick attack that keeps you in strong defensive position. If you are just another Sydney guy, this is the basic technique you need to master. A conventional jab is straight left punch for orthodox and straight right punch for southpaw stance.

Knee Techniques

Knee work is one of the most fundamental weapon in any martial arts. All of the best Muay Thai Kickboxing fighters have perfected this technique. Knee strikes can be of two categories- Knee from neutral position and knee in the clinch. Knee in the clinch is used when there is less space between you and opponent. Knee from neutral position is used when opponent is at distance.

Elbow Techniques

Trainers in such Martial Arts in Sydney specifically focus on Elbow work. It includes downward jumping elbow, spinning back elbow(Sok Klap), backwards elbow (Sok Kratong), diagonal elbow (Sok Chieng), double elbow chop(Sok Klap Chu), downward elbow chop(Sok Tong), reverse horizontal elbow (Sok Wiang Klap), chopping elbow and many more.

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