Osmeña Peak to Kawasan Falls Experiences

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Cebu is more than just a beautiful place with marvelous tourist spots but a place and a sanctuary to outdoor lovers especially non-local and foreign guests that are looking into a different perspective kind of activity. The province’s water and landforms are very suitable to outgoing guests and Cebu has a lot to showcase to them. The  Osmeña peak to Kawasan falls adventure is whole new activity that will test every tourists’ physique and stamina. Both areas and the activity itself is designed to outdoor lovers and that are looking for a different thrill outside of their comfort zone.

Osmena peak is one marvel that stands out of about 1,000 meters about sea level. A place where they get to see the perfect view of Cebu’s rural side of the south. Tourists coming in the area can do comp outs as well. Kawasan falls on the other hand has its own thrill wherein guests are challenged to take the leap of their life on a 40 feet cliff – to take the plunge and live the moments or not to do it. Local tourist guides will be in the area as well to ensure their safety and made sure as well that their fun is not compromised.

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