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Bathroom Wall Panels Styles and Ideas

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As a house owner, you must be constantly checking on which rooms or places within your house that requires repair or refurbishment. A more common area is the bathroom, in fact the kind of walling e.g. bathroom wall panels or flooring materials that you choose to use in your bathroom will actually determine the period from the time of installation to the time when they get worn out and need to be replaced. A bathroom is not like the living room, in the living room people just sit and therefore the walls tend to have very little or no contact with substances that can lead to their wearing out quickly.

On the other hand the bathroom is much more exposed to a lot of moisture in form of water and steam. Therefore, the bathroom walls wear out faster compared to the ones in the living room or bedroom. This is the reason why you need to ensure that you have strong walling in your bathroom, bathroom wall panels can provide a solution for you. They are known to be waterproof and are strong; the waterproof feature helps in preventing damage from the constant water and steam common in the bathroom environment.

 But as much as the bathroom wall panels are reputable for their strength and their waterproof feature, just like any other manmade material they have an expiration date. Over longer duration of time, they will get worn out and hence create a necessity to replace them with newer and stronger ones. We are not going to focus on how to install the new bathroom wall panels but rather on how do you get to remove them after they become worn out. May be you are wondering whether it is difficult or easy but all this depends on the approaches and tools you choose to use. On the other hand what counts much is the type of adhesive that was used during the installation and the extent to which the bathroom wall panels are still attached to the wall.

But with the appropriate tools, removing your bathroom wall panels can become an easy although messy job. First you need some tools to help you in the removal.

Essential Tools Required

  • Some protective gear for both your ears and eyes
  • A hammer and chisel
  • Hand gloves preferably ones that are made of leather
  • A mastic remover
  • Some water
  • A mask to protect you from the dust
  • A towel or a sponge
  • A piece of cloth

Removing Procedure

  • Put on the safety gear which should include the gloves, a mask and glasses.
  • Place the piece of cloth on the floor where the debris is expected to fall.
  • If your bathroom wall panels have molding, then you should begin with them. Use the chisel to remove the molding.
  • Once you have chiseled along the edges of the moldings, pull them off the wall.
  • After removing the moldings, then now begin to begin to chisel on the edges of your bathroom wall panels. Take your time in doing this so as to make sure that you are properly loosening the panels from the walls.
  • When it has become loose enough, take a crow bar and put it inside the loose edges of your bathroom wall panels. After inserting the crow bar you need to pull up panels from the wall.
  • If the panels were loosened properly, they are supposed to come out without a lot of difficulty.
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