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Keeping Your Body In Motion

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One of the secrets of a healthy lifestyle is keeping your body in motion. Motion keeps strength in the muscles so that they can support your body. Motion allows your joints to stay well lubricated and adequate flexibility. When we are in motion our bodies produce hormones which can give us energy and can positively affect your mood. When you stop moving our bodies become stiff, achy and loose the flexibility. If you allow this to proceed to long then the effect will not only cause muscle and joint pains, but can also affect the other systems of the body.   Cardiovascular decay, hormone level imbalances, digestive problems and immune issues can become compromised. So the goal for all my chiropractic patients is to keep their bodies moving.

 Now this sounds simple and you are most certainly right, it should be. Here are some helpful tips to keep your body moving on a regular basis every day. First the goal is to make moving part of your daily routine. The more often you perform any task at a specific time the more ingrained in becomes on your daily schedule. Pick a specific time that you will get up and move for at least 20-30 minutes. Second no gym, equipment or scary instructions are required. Walking on your lunch break or taking small walks around your office every hour can be beneficial. Finally have fun with this. Challenge yourself or change up your route so you don’t get bored.  You can go to a Chandler chiropractic clinic to find out more about this subject.

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Chiropractic for Common Bowling Injuries

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Bowling can be a great activity that promotes moving your body as well as good quality time spent with your family. Bowling can be enjoyed from the time you can walk all the way to your elder years. I have bowled for over 20 years and I was introduced to this wonderful sport by my father.  We use to go bowling every Friday night when I was younger and I always enjoyed it. While bowling is fun and exciting, injuries can occur that may limit you from playing. Knee pain is a very common injury for bowlers and I have definitely had my fair share. When throwing a bowling ball you tend to twist the body to produce power which can cause issues with your knees. 

Another common injury for bowlers is elbow pain especially lateral epicondylitis. This injury occurs when you repetitively do the same motion and is common due to the heavy ball that is thrown.  Low back pain is also another very common injury for bowlers. This can be caused by several different factors including repetitive movements, bending over or twisting wrongly or throwing too heavy of a bowling ball. The best advice for those avid bowlers and even for those weekend bowlers to avoid injuries finding a good chiropractor will help save you on  those days that you’re not feeling like making that 300. You can find out more about the subject at

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Injuries During Contact Sports

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If you have ever played a contact sport you understand that injuries are pretty common. American football, soccer, rugby, hockey, baseball and even basketball are all considered contact sports. Injuries occur from player running or hitting into each other, tripping each other or even just trying change directions as to avoid another player. While there is a vast era of injuries that occur during a contact sport event here are the most common. Lower extremity injuries include but are not limited to; turf toe, ankle sprain, knee ligament injuries, hip ligament injuries, muscle strains, fractured bones and lacerations. Depending on the severity of the injuries they can require an emergency room visit or simply going to your local south Chandler chiropractor for a care.   

Upper body and extremity injuries include but are not limited to; wrist/elbow/shoulder ligament damage, fracture of the arm bones or ribs, dislocation of the upper extremity joints, muscle strains or tears, vertebral misalignments, and even intestinal or abdominal injuries. Again depending on the severity of the injury will determine the degree of care. Finally you have neck and head injuries that include but are not limited to; neck sprains and strains, black eyes, cut lips and even concussions. Concussions have become a hot topic especially for such sports as American football, soccer and rugby. This is a very serious injury that needs to be addressed by someone that is very family with diagnosing and treating these issues.  For more information, check out my favorite Chandler chiropractic office. 

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You Don’t Need a Gym to Exercise

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There is nothing better than walking out of the gym completely beat but happy because you know you just had an amazing workout.  The next couple of days your legs may hurt as you sit down at your desk or your arms and chest my burn as you are trying to wash your hair in the shower.  That 48 hour ache and burn after a good workout is welcomed by most people. However, as much as staying active is important you have to smart about how much you push your body. If constantly hit the weight room and perform the same routine day-in and day-out more than likely you may injure yourself. Now most of you should know that injuries are part of keeping an active lifestyle. And when an injury occurs do you know what to do?

One great way to maintain your active lifestyle while injured is to incorporate swimming into your routine. Hell you do not even have to be injured to incorporate this amazing exercise. Swimming is an excellent way to maintain that active lifestyle without putting undo stress on your joints. Water exercises can be laps in the pool, water aerobics, or just walking in the pool. So the next time that you feel like you are in a rut, are injured or maybe a combination of both look at jumping in the pool and burning those calories.  Consult your chiropractor Chandler AZ for more information on the subject.

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The Benefits of Riding Bikes

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I recently sold my car and haven’t found one I want to buy yet.  Since I don’t have a car, I’ve been riding my bicycle quite a bit.  Of course I’m not making too long of trips, but I’m taking the bike to the store and I’ve been riding it to work which is only a few miles away.  It’s actually been pretty nice now that it’s spring time and I can enjoy the weather and the outdoors.  When I first started riding around it had been a while since I had ridden any kind of distance on my bike and I got worn out pretty quickly.  My legs would burn and I could hardly breathe when I tried to go fast.

Now, less than a week later I can tell my legs are getting stronger and I can go farther without running out of breath.  I knew riding bikes was good exercise, which is probably the reason I avoided it for so long!  What I didn’t realize is that it’s not torture.  It’s a great way to keep in shape and get outside more.  I think I’m going to take my time before getting another car.  I know I need one eventually, but for now I’ll continue to enjoy the exercise and openness of the bike.  You can find out more about the benefits of this and other types of exercise by contacting my chiropractor Chandler AZ for information.

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Caffeine and Adrenal Stress

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I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  While I’ve always liked the smell, I’ve only tried it a couple times and didn’t care for the taste.  I remember the first time when I was a pretty young kid and I wanted to have a cup because all the adults around me were drinking it and I wanted to feel like one of the grown ups.  I finally talked my mom into giving me a cup of coffee.  And it was disgusting! I still remember the bitter taste and actually spitting it back into the cup.  Looking back, I’m willing to bet my mom gave me black bitter coffee on purpose so I didn’t like it and she wouldn’t have a little coffee addict on her hands.

I realize I’m in the minority by not drinking coffee.  I’ve gone to Starbucks with friends many times and it’s insane how much business that company does.  I was recently at my Chandler chiropractor who is also an expert in nutrition and we were discussing caffeine.  After hearing about caffeine’s effects on the adrenal glands, I’m now really glad I never got hooked on coffee.  The adrenals are the “stress glands” and help our bodies handle and adapt to stress.  I have plenty of that in my life and have mild adrenal fatigue.  Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can further fatigue the adrenals.  So I’ll continue to enjoy the smell but will stay clear of that morning kickstart.  If you’d like more information about the subject, contact the best Chandler chiropractic office at Apex Medical Group.

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