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What Are The Benefits Of Kindle Paperwhite

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The high-end Kindle Oasis earned the top spot in our review, but the midrange Kindle Paperwhite has many strengths that make it strikingly similar to its higher-end counterpart. Notably, the Paperwhite has the same 300 pixels per inch (ppi) display used in the Oasis. The gap between these two devices can be difficult for potential eBook buyers to navigate, but after rigorous tests, the Paperwhite's strong combination of build quality and software speed earned it our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Design and its Portability

The paperwhite is equipped with diverse premium design features at such a midrange pricetag possessinmg the dimensions .7 x 4.6 x 0.36 inches and weight of 7.2 ounces and is performing well like any other e-Book reader. Clean black case with matte, a little bulged at the bottom housing the charging port along with the power button which seems bit inconvenient. Apart form this, Amazon offer kindle help desk for their valuable customers.

 What Are The Benefits Of Kindle Paperwhite


Readability & Display

The Kindle Paperwhite’s features draw extensively from Amazon's other eBook readers, building on the best of the past Kindle models. In our hands-on testing, we found it extremely easy to read on the device and navigate through its menus. The eReader doesn’t have physical buttons, which is a slight nuisance – you have to tap the screen to access a secondary menu bar to view search functions and return to the homepage. Still, basic tasks, for example scrolling through pages, are simple, fast and free of noticeable slowdown. For more information you can dial kindle support number +1-844-761-1993.


Help and Support

One year warranty on Amazon’s Kindle devices for its hardware and software issues. Support to the Paperwhite could be made available by live chat, social media, phone agents and also by online means on Amazon’s website. Other resources include FAQs and other documents.


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