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Indian artists in the limelight

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The current trend of Indian paintings is basically a reflection of how people would be able to bring about a change in their stance when it concerns the nationalistic trends. The Indian painters have been able to make their mark in the global arena, so much so that there are galleries which are dedicated to the Indian paintings. However, one also has to realize that the next generation needs to follow up on the platform set by the Indian painters. This is the reason why paintings done by people like Thota Vaikuntam have been much appreciated amongst all the modern-day classics in galleries across India.

Thota Vaikuntam paintings have not only been able to reflect a subtle sense of style and fashion in rural India, but continue to exude a lot of emphasis on how the people continue to live their life. Amongst a lot of new trends that are bucking the market, one has to realize that something that can fixate the people to go back to their original traditions is extremely vital at this given state and time. Thota Vaikuntam paintings have been able to showcase the fallacy of modern life, and ensure that the proper village life was definitely the path that people ought to take.

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