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Worldwide Brands – Can You Trust Their Suppliers?

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Finding trustworthy and reliable wholesalers is difficult, which is why sites like Worldwide Brands exist.  Worldwide Brands is a directory of suppliers – from large manufacturers to wholesalers and even small scale drop shippers – all of which are researched and certified before being added to their list.

In this Worldwide Brands review, I want to talk about how that has an impact on the quality of suppliers they have – and whether or not it's even worth joining a directory of certified suppliers when it can cost as much as $299.

How Does Worldwide Brands Certify Suppliers?

The editor of the directory is responsible for all of the suppliers that are added to the Worldwide Brands list – and had to approve each one individually.  The approval process involves the staff at Worldwide Brands placing test orders and visiting the facilities (e.g. warehouses and distribution centres) of each supplier to check that they are both real (not a scam) and capable of fulfilling orders.

Is The 'Worldwide Brands Method' Effective?

Yes – Worldwide Brands is the largest source of products from certified and safe suppliers.  Worldwide Brands is also the only directory that offers a full guarantee that their drop shippers and wholesalers are legitimate and reliable – this is not something that any other directory can match, and if you are a new online business it can save you a lot of time and money.

Using a list of certified suppliers can save a lot of time and money – and could also help protect the reputation of your business, as you don't need to worry about buying counterfeit goods or shipments that go missing.

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What’s the best alternative to Salehoo?

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Salehoo is a good directory of dropshippers and wholesalers, with over 8,000 suppliers listed, and from them more than one million products are available to search through, but there are other good directories too.  So what's the best Salehoo alternative on the market at the moment?

The key selling points of Salehoo are:

1. All the suppliers in their database are screened, meaning that they have been checked by Salehoo's staff and are certified to be legitimate and reliable

2. It's easy to find a supplier – search by keyword, category, brand, etc.

3. All in one place

4. Faily cheap to join, only $67 per year

5. Millions of products are listed in the database

So the key is to find another wholesale directory that offers all these points and more.  That makes the only real alternative Worldwide Brands – a directory of wholesalers and dropshippers that was founded in Florida several years before Salehoo and currently has about 8,000 suppliers listed and around 16 million products.

Worldwide Brands does all the first four points above as well as Salehoo does, but with two key differences:

1. Worldwide Brands lists over 16 million products, about ten times that of Salehoo

2. There are no additional or annual fees for access to Worldwide Brands, you pay $299 once for lifetime membership.

That, in my opinion, makes Worldwide Brands the ultimate Salehoo alternative, although both are very good at what they do.

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