Will Standing Rather than Sitting Resolve Pain Back?

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Health news outlets and researchers have made headlines regarding the health dangers of prolonged. Behavior is associated with increased rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and mortality, simply to mention a few risks. This is especially concerning in light of how activities and jobs involve sitting.

Working toward a solution some companies, such as Google, have started implementing the use of the standing desk inside their headquarters. Can the status desk – or alterations to work channels that allow for standing – remedy problems, such as back pain?

 Will Standing Rather than Sitting Resolve Pain Back?

Among chronic pain issues and the most common, back pain, is considered by some to be among the consequences of sitting at work. However, that belief is contested by research. Sit stand desk provides relief during work in an office, by this, you can work comfortably.

Furthermore, a study published indicates that standing might be better for the back than prolonged. Her staff and student Kaitlin Gallagher instructed 20 participants and 15 minutes of sitting while working. They found that 55 percent of participants developed back pain while participants sat while standing and that pain diminished. The researchers measured the quantity of movement accomplished by the back for each player; they discovered that motion and reports of pain corresponded.

Considering this study together with both systematic reviews previously, we could assume that: 1) sitting alone isn't responsible for back pain; bad posture is associated with back pain, and 3) static posture is associated with back pain.