4 Tips for Shipping Heavy Haul

Courtesy-Freightliner Trucks

You might be thinking, what exactly is a heavy haul? So it is a term that is usually used for heavy shipments that carry overly wide, large and heavy load. It exceeds the guidelines set according to the legal dimensions. In case you are planning to get something like this shipped, you need special permissions.

Here are some tips for you so your heavy haul shipping can be stress free:

1. Know the Dimensions

As you require special permission and permits for getting such a massive shipment, you must know the weight, length, width and height of the freight item. These specifications decide the type of permit required. Make sure that you know the exact dimensions as a change requires you to reapply.

2. Loading and Unloading

Have a clear vision of your transport method, do you require a large forklift or a crane,in either case you need to be certain of what is required.

3. Special Requirements

What else could you possibly need? You need to plan ahead and get everything before time. You might use tie down point, bracing etc. Cable handling equipment can also be used if you are shipping machinery. It can be used for securing the item with cloth and cables.

4. Hire a Professional

Although there are several companies that claim to deliver your stuff, but in this case you need a reliable vender that can carry and deliver professionally.

Remember, you have panned ahead and the chances of something going wrong are quite low. However you should be prepared to expect the unexpected. In a situation like this, anything can happen. Make sure everything is insured and you have all the paperwork done before the freight arrives. You don’t want your items to rust in the shipyard because you forgot to get a paper ready on time.