Love on the Spectrum US: Are James and Emma Still Friends?

Are James and Emma Still Friends

Are James and Emma From Love on the Spectrum US Still Friends?Netflix romantic docuseries ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.‘ is an astonishing anomaly. After all, it’s about a group of autistic people who enter the uncertain realm of romance to give us an honest and insightful look at what dating is truly like. In the first season of the US version, James’ search for true love took an unexpected detour, but it led to a great friendship with Emma. So, how about we find out where this pair is now?

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James and Emma From Love on the Spectrum US

The ‘Love On the Spectrum US’ Journey of James and Emma

When we first met James, the agitated 34-year-old stated that, despite having Asperger’s syndrome, he did not let it confine or define him in any manner, shape, or form. He’s even demonstrated this by becoming a self-assured man rather than the conscious youngster he once was (due to bullying) before finding himself “unquestionably” ready to seek love. “I’m looking for a soul mate with whom I can spend the rest of my life,” James explained. Emma, a horror-loving ghost hunter, was soon introduced to him through the process.

James and Emma’s first date was a meal in Boston, where they discussed not only their dating history but also their common enthusiasm in all things exhilarating, among other things. Despite a minor difficulty when it came to the bill, the attitude was absolutely courteous and kind.

As a result, the two decided to continue getting to know each other by taking a walk along the beach. That’s when James brought up the possibility of a second date, which Emma consented to after some thought and closed the night with a pleasant hug.

The following meeting between James and Emma took place at the New York Renaissance Faire, where they learnt more about the mediaeval era and each other. The duo did everything together, from playing village games to watching a jousting event to perusing the 65-acre fair’s stores, giving the impression that there might be more between them.

In fact, when asked, Emma stated that the entire day exceeded her expectations. To avoid provoking James, she eventually admitted that she really only wanted them to be friends.

Are James and Emma From Love on the Spectrum US Still Friends

Are Emma and James Still Friends or Not?

As their second date came to an end, James asked Emma whether she’d be interested in attending a Halloween party with him soon, especially since they always had a fantastic time together. Her response, on the other hand, was a little unexpected.

“It’s been great hanging out with you,” Emma added. I think you’re a lot of fun, and you’re pretty brilliant and everything, and you’re really passionate about what you do… I’d love to accompany you to that celebration. However, if you’re willing, I’d like to travel as friends. Like, I had a great time with you, and I would love to catch up with you again, and I mean it.”

Although James was clearly unhappy by the course of events, he recognised the situation and told Emma, which led to the beginning of their close friendship. We say close because, based on what we’ve seen, the two not only attended the Halloween party together, but they also keep in touch to this day, all while pursuing their own paths in the hopes of finding their own, forever companion.

You can stream ‘Love on the Spectrum U.S.‘ Season 1 Episodes on Netflix.

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