Welcome to Plathville: Are Kim and Barry Plath Still Together?

Are Kim and Barry Still Together

Are Kim and Barry From Welcome to Plathville Still Together? – The patriarch of the ultra-conservative Plath family is Barry Plath from “Welcome to Plathville.” The 11-member group in rural Georgia adheres to their rigorous religious beliefs to the letter, even if it means avoiding sugary drinks, viewing movies, and various other activities. Barry and his wife Kim, with whom he’s been happily married for almost two decades, oversee their nine children: Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy. The two were able to meet because of their unwavering faith.

TLC’s Welcome to Plathville” takes a deeper look at the Plath family, from eldest son Ethan’s decision to marry Olivia, a young woman with plenty of opinions about the Plaths’ way of life that doesn’t always sit well with his parents, to the fight to resist the sweet draw of soda. The show may give viewers an intriguing glimpse into Plathville, but Barry himself remains a bit of a mystery. Many people are wondering if the two are still together, given the mounting issues in their marriage. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

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Kim and Barry’s Welcome to Plathville Journey

Welcome to Plathville: Kim and Barry’s Adventures Journey

‘Welcome to Plathville’ catapulted Kim and Barry Plath to fame. The pair married in July 1997, and the background behind their union is surely fascinating. “God revealed to Barry and me that we were going to marry in the Spring of ’97, on the exact same day, before either of us ever talked about it, or shown any interest in the other,” Kim said on the official website of her family band. Kim and Barry’s religious and cultural views influence the Plath family’s way of life.

Ethan, Micah, and Isaac are the couple’s three sons, and Hosanna, Moriah, Lydia, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy are their six daughters. Unfortunately, Barry and Kim tragically lost their little son, Joshua, in the fall of 2008. A pregnant Kim was transplanting fruit trees with their automobile on that particular day. Despite checking and confirming that their 17-month-old kid was out of the car, she accidentally ran him over as she pulled her car forward. Despite her best efforts to provide Joshua with proper medical care, he sadly died.

Viewers see how the Plath family, particularly the children, spend their lives through the reality series. They have very little exposure to electronic devices or pop culture. To their children, Kim and Barry emphasised the significance of religion and God. To display their devotion, their family band would frequently sing songs dedicated to God.

The numerous limits placed on the younger generation have undoubtedly caused friction between parents and their adult children. Ethan, the couple’s oldest child, is estranged from his parents. As of this writing, some of his younger siblings have also left the family home.

Though Kim and Barry’s love seemed unbreakable for the first three seasons, the 25-year-old marriage began to show cracks in the fourth season. The two battled to maintain their connection when four of their children left the family home. Barry explained how horrible things were in Season 4 of the show.

Plath family from Welcome to Plathville

In terms of relational stuff, Kim and I have gone through a lot in the last few months,” the father of nine revealed. “We’ve had a few discussions, and the impression I’m receiving is that she isn’t satisfied.” There was this entire thing about taking her for granted, and it was a huge wake-up call.”

Kim’s dancing studio, which she purchased and began coaching after Lydia reached 18 years old, was supposed to help her with her marital troubles with Barry. Instead, the concept may have hastened their marriage’s demise.

That was a way for me to convey how much I care about her, how much I admire her, and how much I want her to succeed.” And, you know, she thanked me for it, but it didn’t change her mind about me,” Barry admitted. “It’s provided her with a safe haven. There is a sense of emptiness. There has been a change. I sense her absence because her presence is absence.”

Meanwhile, Kim appears to be over her romance with Barry, despite the fact that she acknowledged that her husband made numerous attempts to restore the marriage. “Barry tried for a while, but I got the impression he wasn’t really trying,” she claimed.

As soon as he realised it could be working, he gave up.” And once I recognised it, I felt like I was done emotionally. It just seems like there’s no chance it’ll work.” So, is the couple still together, or have they broken up for good? So, here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

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Kim Plath
Welcome to Plathville
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Are Kim and Barry Plath Still Together?

Kim and Barry are NO longer together. The two appear to have given up after numerous attempts to rekindle their romance. For several weeks, Kim moved out of their shared bedroom and onto the couch. However, this quickly resulted in the two of them living in separate residences.

Kim said, “Barry and I have decided to live separately for a while.” “Right now, the quickest way to accomplish that is to pack a bag and go to one of our unoccupied rental units and remain there.”

That property was the family farm where she and Barry raised their nine children and where the first season of the hit series was set at the time of the interview.

“I never imagined it would turn out this way,” she says. “It’s just a period of great transition right now, and I’m not sure what that will look like.”

Barry tried for a while, but I got the impression he wasn’t trying,” she says. “He stopped trying as soon as he realized it could be working. And once I recognized it, I felt like I was done emotionally. It just doesn’t seem possible to me that it will work.”

She continues, “It’s as though he wants me to stay, but I’m not sure he wants to change. So I don’t think there’s any way to re-establish that emotional intimacy.”

Barry came up with his marital problems in last week’s episode. “In terms of relationship issues, Kim and I have been through a lot in the last few months,” he stated. “We’ve had a few discussions, and I’m getting the impression she isn’t happy. It was a huge wake-up call to realize that I had taken her for granted.”

He went on to say, “Looking back on my relationship, I believe I missed many opportunities to show Kim how much I care for her. Taking time to go on a date, for example, was a concept I couldn’t put into practice. However, for Kim, this was a problem. I’m thinking to myself, “I want to make this work,” so I’m thinking, “Life is full of mistakes; let’s see what we can accomplish with a second opportunity.”

Barry Plath
Barry Plath

He later stated, “There is a sense of emptiness. There has been a change. I sense her absence since she isn’t there…. I sometimes feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone of marriage. In some ways, I feel as if I’ve been abandoned. I’ve always assumed that marriage would last until I died, but it appears that it may not. Soon.”

Barry believes he may have squandered numerous opportunities to show his wife how much he cared. Instead, he sat his younger children down and told them that he and Kim were divorcing. Ethan, the couple’s oldest kid, also expressed his feelings about the issue.

“To be honest, I’d probably like to keep out of it,” he told People. “I’m not sure how I feel about my mother discussing her problems with my father. I don’t like how open she is about a lot of stuff.”