Bedarra Island An Ideal Honeymoon Destination


Bedarra Island can be regarded as ‘Paradise on Earth’. With some of the best beaches, luxury hotels, Bedarra Island attracts many tourists from all over the world. For couples who wish to seek some privacy and solitude, Bedarra Island can be your best bet. Here we look at some of the reasons couples can choose Bedarra Island as their honeymoon destination.

  1. Get a massage – Pamper yourself by getting a massage. A massage is a great way to relax the mind, body and soul. Skilled masseurs will take those aches and pains away from the body while soft, soothing music works its magic. Couples visiting Bedarra Island must get a massage to increase the romance factor.
  2. Views from a helicopter – One of the best ways to get to Bedarra Island is by a helicopter. As you fly over the island, you’ll get to see that the water from the top looks different with various shades. Don’t forget to click beautiful pictures.
  3. Admire the Views from Beach Villas – Beach Villas at Bedarra offer some of the best views of nearby surroundings. Sit at the beach pool, admire the beauty and sip on drinks.
  4. Celebrate an Occasion – Celebrate a birthday or something special at Bedarra Island. You can make it more romantic by having a candle light dinner while watching the sunset.

Bedarra Island can be one of the most unique honeymoon destinations for couples. Plan and visit Bedarra Island for your honeymoon destination.