Book A Limo And Explore The City Of Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, which is one of the six states in Australia. Melbourne is also the primary city of the Victorian State for business and leisure purposes. A significant amount of Australia’s population lives nearby the coast, and Melbourne is one of the cities that accommodate a good chunk out of those 3 million people.

The major part of Melbourne is covered with an industrial area and lovely gardens. Besides this, you will find broad, attractive and state-of-art buildings all along the roads. As far as its temperature and rainfall are concerned, it experiences 14°C with moderate rainfall.

Trade, finance, and industry

Melbourne has world’s second major port where docks are available in port and in Williamstown. Both of these places are located nearer to Hobson’s Bay. Because of this, there is a good number of business opportunities available here.


Melbourne is a hub for public transportation. A large number of highways and railway lines are connected to each and every corner of the city. You can also book Melbourne airport to city taxi for ease in traveling depending on your pocket how much you can afford.

Culture and Recreation

There are plenty of art galleries and theaters in Melbourne where you can visit with your family by just booking a limo from cab companies. In the National Gallery of Victoria, you will find the finest paintings related to nations. Besides this, there are several museums like Museum of Applied science, National museum and library system. This city also has learning centers for Australian students like the University of Melbourne, Australian Institute of International affairs, Australian college of surgeons and Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical research. Book limo Melbourne to explore these world class institutes.

Places to visit

The best places to visit in Melbourne include Botanic gardens, Fitzroy gardens, Victorian Parliament House, World War 1 memorial and Shrine of remembrance. In Fitzroy garden, you will find a cottage belongs to the family of Captain James Cook, who was then European to visit Australia. This cottage was transported from Yorkshire, England in 1934. Recently, the Melbourne tourism has opened a Victorian Arts center for the public.