Did Lucy Donato (Arielle Kebbel) Leave 9-1-1?

Did Arielle Kebbel’s Lucy Donato Leave 9-1-1

Did Lucy Donato (Arielle Kebbel) Leave 9-1-1? – For the Fox Broadcasting Company, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear produced the procedural drama television series 9-1-1. The show focuses on Los Angeles dispatchers, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. On January 3, 2018, the show debuted. Reamworks, Ryan Murphy Television, and 20th Television collaborated to produce 9-1-1. Fox renewed the show for a sixth season on May 16, 2022, and the following season debuted on September 19, 2022.

Lucy Donato, played by Arielle Kebbel, debuted in the fifth season of FOX’s action drama “9-1-1,” taking Edmundo “Eddie” Dáz’s place at Station 118. Lucy inspires her coworkers, especially Evan “Buck” Buckley, with her grit and daring to participate in missions with significant risk. Viewers began to anticipate a sexual engagement between Lucy and Buck when Taylor Kelly Martin’s actions caused Buck and Buck’s relationship to suffering. The show’s sixth season premiere, however, has prompted questions about Arielle Kebbel’s dedication to the project and Lucy’s future at Station 118. Here is all the information we require regarding the same, nevertheless!

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What Happened to Lucy Donato

What Happened to Lucy Donato (Arielle Kebbel)?

Lucy doesn’t waste any time in winning over Captain Robert “Bobby” Nash and her coworkers after joining Station 118. She becomes an ever-reliable firefighter and perfectly steps into Eddie’s boots. She also has a relationship with Buck, whom she kisses on her first day of work at her new place of employment. She eventually avoids her coworker now that Buck and Taylor are dating. However, their split in the fifth season finale creates a path for Lucy and Buck to start dating, which is what viewers had been hoping to see.

But in the sixth season debut of the show, Lucy is not at Station 118 or with her coworkers. She phones Bobbie to discuss a football injury she suffered while playing with her family. She claims she will be out for some time because her leg is not good. Does that imply Kebbel won’t appear in the show’s forthcoming episodes? Has she already left the action series, or will it only be for a short while? Here is everything we have to say.

Did Lucy Donato (Arielle Kebbel) Leave 9-1-1?

FOX and Arielle Kebbel have not announced the actress’s exit from “9-1-1.” Kebbel’s absence during the first part of the sixth season may yet need to be anticipated. “I’m not sure if we’ll see Lucy for a while. However, showrunner Kristen Reidel says, “I think that we might be able to see Lucy in the second half of the season.” As Reidel mentioned, Lucy’s injury is anticipated to keep her away from Station 118 and the emergency calls they will respond to in the first part of the season. However, it is a relief that Kebbel will probably return for the second half of the season.

In the sixth season’s opening episode, Buck tries to put Taylor and the grief surrounding his former relationships behind him. By the time Lucy returns to Station 118, we can only hope that he will begin a new chapter in his life. If that’s the case, viewers might eventually witness them interacting. There are no barriers standing between Buck and Lucy now that Taylor is no longer a part of his life. Reidel stated that the authors would “concentrate on our key characters” in the same EW interview.

As a result, Buck’s plot may incorporate Lucy since, when she returns to the fire station, they will probably think about combining their lives. As was the case on Lucy’s first day working with Station 118 firemen, the two of them may team up for other dangerous operations. Kebbel might not appear in the show up until that point.

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