Empire State (2013) Movie Review and Ending Explained

Empire State (2013) Movie Review and Ending Explained

Empire State Movie Review – Chris works as a security guard and teams up with his best friend to steal from his employer. When a detective begins pursuing them, things take a turn for the worst.

Dito Montiel, who made his directorial debut with ‘A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints,’ injects nervous energy into his 2013 real crime heist film ‘Empire State.’ The plot revolves around the 1982 Bronx theft, which is remembered as one of the most horrific burglaries in US history as well as the largest cash heist.

Chris gets a job at a sleazy logistics firm, where he is responsible for a room full of filthy cash. The plot goes haywire when the stockpile is discovered by passers-by. Although the ending is satisfying, you may be left with some unanswered issues. Allow us to assist you if you are having trouble comprehending the conclusion.

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‘Empire State’ (2013) Movie Plot Synopsis

Chris Potamitis, a Greek Diaspora American, scrapes by performing odd jobs to make ends meet. Tommy’s father was a cop in Greece, but now he works as a janitor in Spiro’s seedy club in New York. Eddie, Chris’ best friend in the neighbourhood, is prone to losing jobs and has a volatile personality. Chris and Eddie transport a statue to Chris’ house’s garden from who knows where. Chris wishes to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a cop, but he only manages to secure a position at Empire New York Securities Incorporated.

Tony, who has been with the organisation for a long time, takes Chris under his wing. Many shady things go place at the Empire, as Tony reveals to Chris, but it’s none of their business.

When Tony is killed in a burglary attempt at the Empire, Chris discovers that the corporation is only paying Tony’s family $5000 in compensation, which is barely 10% of the total insurance payout. Outraged, Chris sets aside approximately $25000 from the office’s secret stockpile, giving part to Tony’s family.

Meanwhile, Eddie sees an opportunity to plunder the Empire even more, and he informs Mike and Jimmy of his plan. Eddie intends to go solo when their initial nocturnal visit is thwarted by the arrival of Detective James Ransome. Things are looking gloomy for Chris, with about $10 million missing from the safe and Ransome closing in on the suspects.

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Is Eddie Arrested By The Police At The End Of Empire State? What Has Happened to Him?

Eddie bursts through the roof and demands that Chris hand over the keys. He also bashes Chris in the head and knocks out the camera in front of the safe. The city is in the commotion the next morning, and Eddie is nowhere to be found at the crime scene. The FBI initially believed it was the work of the organised crime syndicate Cosa Nostra. Detective James Ransome, on the other hand, might be onto something.

Ransome follows Chris and listens in on Chris and Eddie’s talk. The latter, drugged up, informs (or rather yells at) the former how he is about to hand him $8 million. Ransome continues to follow Eddie as he meets Mike and intends to travel to Colombia for a dirty cocaine deal.

Ransome even visits Spiro’s den, showing that Mike is aware of the extraordinary break-in. Following that, Ransome searches the crime database for the faces of Mike and Eddie, who are both small-time criminals. Chris does not realise that Ransome has Mike and Eddie’s images when he goes to the police station to answer some standard inquiries.

Furthermore, Ransome asks Chris whether he believes Eddie is speaking to someone in the tapes when he shows him the video footage of the camera near the safe shortly before it goes dead. Later, Ransome visits Eddie’s office, where he discovers a rough sketch of the heist in Eddie’s locker.

Meanwhile, Mike transports Eddie to the Colombian. They give the money to the mobster without checking for cocaine, but it’s not like they’re going to receive it anyhow. The Colombian requests that the party turn around and leave after the money has been counted.

During the firefight, Mike becomes a martyr, while Eddie flees for his life. He makes his way to Chris’ back porch, where he bargains with him for additional money. Tommy, meanwhile, comes out the door, brandishing a revolver at Eddie.

Eddie and Chris are quickly apprehended by the cops. While the movie includes final interview footage with Chris, it does not provide any insight into his fate. Eddie Argitakos, on the other hand, received a 15-year sentence for working with the authorities in their investigation.

Argitakos’ father, on the other hand, was sentenced to four years in prison for concealing the funds. However, it has been many decades since the heist, and the real-life Eddie was reportedly released in 1990.

Empire State (2013) Movie Ending Explained

What Happens to Chris at the End of the ‘Empire State’ Movie?

Chris Potamitis is without a doubt the story’s undisputed protagonist, as his enthusiastic energy pours through. Although Liam Hemsworth plays Chris Potamitis for the most part, the concluding seconds give us a peek of the real Chris. It’s also true video footage of the investigators and Chris, the man of the hour himself, in the climax. Chris is sentenced to nine years in jail for his role in the larceny.

Chris, on the other hand, has been reintegrated into society thanks to his family. You might be wondering what happens to Chris. The actual Chris Potamitis, on the other hand, went on to co-produce the film based on his life, the one we’re discussing. As a result, he appears to have amassed a substantial sum of money. When we think of money, we ask ourselves the following question.

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‘Empire State’ Movie Ending Explained

The police are still seeking for the money, according to the conclusion. Despite multiple arrests by the police, the money has yet to be found. In the final moments of the conversation, the interviewer asks Chris if the money was missing even while filming the video, to which Chris responds affirmatively. “The way it disappeared out of the money room, it disappeared out of our hands,” Chris says next, trying to persuade the interviewer.

The interviewer does not appear to be persuaded. “It looks like you were about to say something,” he teases Chris, but all Chris responds with is an apprehensive “No.” As a result, the conclusion implies that Chris may be aware of the missing funds.

We get another sight of the statue in the next scene, shortly before the titles roll. As Chris tells Nancy just before the climax, it appears like the money is still inside the figure. However, the money is still missing in broad daylight.

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