Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap and Ending Explained

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap – Alicia seeks shelter in the home of an unknown stranger. Alicia is forced to confront her past failures, and how she will face her future as her fevers worsen and Arno pursues her at every opportunity. Fans will recall that Alicia lost her arm after being bitten by a walker in the last episode of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’ We see her yelling for help, her vision impaired, and she rushes downstairs to see a man playing the piano, but she doesn’t notice a walker approaching him. To draw his attention, she grabs something from the shelf and throws it to the ground. He kills the walker and then becomes enraged with what she broke, which appeared to be a speaker of some type, and he continues to yell at her, “What did you do?” On Paul’s floor, Alicia passes out.

Alicia meets a deaf pianist named Paul in the ninth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic thrillerFear the Walking Dead‘ season 7, titled ‘Follow Me.’ Paul explains to Alicia that he rescued her from a neighbouring barn. Arno arrives at Paul’s house in search of her as she explains to him that she needs to leave and meet her friends.

Paul provides his assistance to his guest, realising that she is in great danger, setting the stage for life-threatening consequences. The episode concludes with major disclosures about the survivors’ fate. On that note, allow us to decode it for you!

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap and ending

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 ‘Follow Me’ Recap

Alicia dreams about Senator Vazquez as she leads her supporters to PADRE in ‘Follow Me.’ Rather than giving the location of the mythical haven, the dead senator bites her, causing her to awaken. She discovers she’s at a stranger’s home and runs into Paul, who tells her he rescued her from a barn.

Meanwhile, Arno arrives at the house and looks for Alicia, who has taken refuge beneath Paul’s piano. Following his departure, Alicia informs Paul that Arno wants her dead for endangering countless lives in her search for PADRE.

Paul tells Alicia about his wife Rowan, who died in the nuclear explosion. She invites him to join her and her company after discovering that he is lonely. When they go to a neighbouring concert theatre, they run upon Arno and his soldiers, who try to drag Alicia into a vehicle full of walkers so they may kill her.

However, after firing at Arno’s palm, Alicia and Paul are able to flee the scene. Paul accepts to accompany Alicia, but only after witnessing Arno’s demise. Paul invites his foes to his home and begins playing loud music to draw the zombies in.

Arno and his warriors manage to defeat Paul and Alicia while killing countless walkers. In the midst of the conflict, Paul is shot, and he requests his guest to flee without him. Despite her desire to leave him alone, Paul persuades her that he cannot join her with the little life he has left. Paul distracts and frustrates Arno, who eventually kills the pianist, allowing Alicia to flee.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 Recap and ending explained

Why is Alicia Returning to the Bunker in ‘Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9’?

When Alicia wakes up in Paul’s house, she is troubled by the knowledge that she has sacrificed countless lives in her pursuit for PADRE, which she hasn’t been able to find even with Senator Vazquez’s death. The senator’s dreams exacerbate her mental anguish as she confronts the reality that her efforts to bring her supporters to safety were in vain.

Alicia, on the other hand, is influenced by Paul to approach her dreams from a new perspective. Vazquez’s body, according to the pianist, is more of a manifestation of her desire to protect her people than a physical walker who could lead her to a safe haven.

The meeting with Paul helps Alicia realise that PADRE represents her desire to defend her people, which she can still achieve if she defeats Strand and conquers the Tower. However, she discovers that the war will necessitate a larger force. As a result, she decides to travel for the bunker in order to obtain a transmitter that could aid her in expanding her army in order to wage war against Strand. Morgan is informed of her decision, and she asks him to look after her group while she is away.

Alicia is aware that survivors will seek refuge in places like the Tower. The bunker’s transmitter should allow her to reach these survivors and persuade them to aid her in taking control of the Tower from Strand.

The lure of being protected from the walkers, unfriendly survivors, and the aftereffects of the nuclear blast may entice more like-minded survivors to join Alicia, if only she could speak with them. As a result, Alicia is on a mission to locate the transmitter from the bunker, despite the hazards she may face along the way, including Arno.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9 explained

Is Arno Still Alive or Dead? What are His Intentions?

Arno is still alive and well. Paul realises that in order for Alicia to return to her group safely, he must be annihilated after escaping Arno and his army. When the walkers arrive in waves at the pianist’s house and attack the Stalkers and their commander, the pianist’s plan comes close to succeeding.

Arno is nearly bitten, but he manages to get away from a walker before becoming infected. He flees the house without being harmed by the remainder of the walkers after killing Paul. Except for Sage, he begins the return journey without any of his warriors, who were killed at Paul’s house.

Arno and Sage come upon a large herd of walkers in the middle of their excursion. Arno realises that a safe establishment is unavoidable after observing the biters. He and Sage talk about how they need to take the Tower for themselves. Despite the fact that Alicia’s efforts to locate PADRE have resulted in the deaths of several people, Arno believes that her objectives were and continue to be valid.

Alicia is right about finding a sanctuary to protect the survivors, which may turn out to be the only way to survive, as much as the leader of the Stalkers wants to kill her. These realisations lead him to devise a strategy for taking the Tower. It’s possible that Arno, Alicia, and Strand may fight for control of Strand’s unrivalled shelter.

Arno may continue his hunt for Alicia and, in order to lessen opposition, begin fighting her force. Strand, who is obliged to prepare for a fight with Alicia, may come across Arno as a serious threat.

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