Gabriel Fernandez Murder: Where is Father ‘Arnold Contreras’ Now?

Where is Gabriel Fernandez's Father 'Arnold Contreras' Now

What Happened To Gabriel Fernandez’s Father Arnold Contreras? – Arnold Contreras was unable to save Gabriel Fernandez, his eight-year-old son. Contreras was in prison when the small boy was battered and tortured to death by his mother, Pearl Fernandez and her partner Isauro Aguirre.

According to the new Netflix docu-series “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez,” which documents both the horrific crime that took Gabriel’s life and the failures of the legal system that was supposed to protect him, he only learned that his young son was being taken off life support when told by a chaplain while in custody at the Riverside County Jail.

Gabriel Fernandez’s death astounded everyone because of the ferocity with which he was murdered. ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez,’ a Netflix docuseries, sheds light on the tragedy and the structural failures that allowed the torture to continue until the eight-year-old died tragically.

The horrors committed by Pearl Fernandez and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, are at the focus of the programme. Isauro, on the other hand, is not Gabriel’s biological father. His father is Arnold Contreras. While Contreras played a key role in the trial that followed Gabriel’s death, you may be wondering where he is now. In that regard, we’ve got you covered.

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Where is Arnold Contreras Now
Arnold Contreras with his son Gabriel Fernandez

Arnold Contreras: Who Is He?

During Isauro’s sentencing hearing, Arnold Contreras testified. The father, who went by the name Arnaldo Jose Contreras, spoke fondly of his deceased son, stating that Pearl had never liked him and that it was his understanding that Gabriel would be raised by his maternal grandparents.

Contreras was in prison at the time of Gabriel’s death, serving time at the Riverside County jail in 2013. Arnold was also among the parties who filed a wrongful death action against the public school district, Pearl and Isauro, and three other county departments, testifying that he had difficulties sleeping due to the violence of Gabriel’s death.

Where is Arnold Contreras today
Arnold Contreras

What happened to Arnold Contreras and Where Is He Now?

Arnold Contreras seemed to have made an effort to move on with his life. He has a lot of images with Gabriel on his Facebook page, and the youngster is always smiling. It is apparent that the father has not recovered from his son’s death. He lives in Pacoima, California, according to his profile.

When it came to pursuing justice for his little son, who was slain in May 2013, Contreras’ long career with law enforcement had originally made him apprehensive of the court system.

However, after being freed on parole in 2016, he reached out to Hatami, and the two men were able to form a bond.

Contreras testified that his little son was a “regular youngster” who enjoyed playing “cops and robbers” games.

“He was constantly smiling,” he said at the time, according to KABC.

During the trial, he told jurors that he still has sleepless nights and is distraught by Gabriel’s death, according to local station KNBC.

Contreras never looked Aguirre in the eyes during his testimony.

Hatami said in the docu-series, “I don’t think I’d be as powerful as him.” “I wouldn’t have been able to sit in that courtroom.” I couldn’t do it because I’d end up attacking someone.”

Hatami found Contreras in the courtroom after Aguirre was convicted guilty of murder and torture in 2018, and the two men embraced as Hatami sobbed.

In the docu-series, Hatami revealed, “I was really thrilled for Arnold.” “He was in such a bad mood because of what had happened to Gabriel.” Not just because of what happened to Gabriel, but also because of everything that happened to him, he felt terrible and didn’t believe in the system. And, you know, the system hasn’t been nice to a lot of folks who have been in custody.”

Hatami stated that he maintains communication with Gabriel’s siblings, cousins, uncles, and other relatives, as well as Contreras.

Arnold appears to work in a tattoo and piercing parlour, according to his profile. Many of the photos on his profile are about possible discounts. His artwork is heavily featured in a few of the photographs. However, it’s worth noting that Arnold doesn’t appear to have been active on Facebook since 2020. His account also had a link to his Instagram profile, which looks to have been taken down as well.

Arnold does have a Pinterest page, which once again demonstrates his tattoo artist prowess. However, based on the fact that his account is tied to Google+, which was shut down in April 2019, it appears that Arnold hasn’t updated his profile in a long time.

So, where is he right now? While we don’t know where Arnold is right now or how he’s doing, we have the most up-to-date information on his locations. Arnold appears to be having more run-ins with the law and the prison system.

He was admitted to the Calipatria State Prison for a nonviolent offence on February 11, 2019. Since June of this year, he has been eligible for parole. The Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation of the State of California has more information, which you can find here.

Arnold appears to have a troublesome life, as he has in the past, including prison stays. However, one’s heart goes out to him as a father struggling to come to terms with his son’s death.

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