Hulu’s ‘Maggie’ TV Series – Detailed Review

hulu maggie review

A romantic comedy on Hulu called “Maggie” centres on a clairvoyant named Maggie who can predict the destiny of everyone but herself. Although she is able to help others with their visions, she encounters many difficulties in her own life as a result. Maggie couldn’t connect romantically with anyone since she could predict the end of a relationship before it ever started. She avoids dating as a result of this. She eventually meets someone who prompts her to reevaluate what her visions are telling her.

The programme, which Justin Adler and Maggie Mull created, offers us a distinctive look into the world of a psychic. Although the story’s idea has a slight supernatural element, it is founded in reality and focuses on the complexities of life and relationships.

hulu maggie tv show review

Hulu’s ‘Maggie’ Review

Maggie’s love life is over since she constantly predicts the end of a relationship before it even starts. She thereby nips it in the bud rather than letting things play out naturally. When she meets Ben, a man whose destiny includes her, everything changes. She initially thinks she has finally found the one she will marry.

However, after seeing another vision of him being married to another woman, she decides to break up with him, despite how much she likes him. After six weeks had passed, the man and his future wife moved in next door to Maggie, further aggravating an already difficult situation.

The programme makes the claim that it will be an oddball romantic comedy with just enough drama to keep things interesting, but it never quite lives up to that expectation. “Will they or won’t they?” is the central question of the entire storyline around Maggie and Ben. In order to maintain the air of mystery surrounding Maggie’s vision, a love triangle is added to the mix. The spectator is aware of what will happen even while Maggie, who has much expertise in interpreting visions, battles to solve this enigma.

Simply put, the plot is overly predictable. It’s also not like no other sitcom has ever had to contend with the restrictions imposed by the genre. Since it is a romantic comedy, everyone anticipates that they will eventually become partners. The tale in between is what matters, and “Maggie” falls short in this regard.

The chemistry between the characters is essential for drawing the audience into a romantic story. However, none of the relationships in “Maggie” had any chemistry. We already know it won’t work because of the blandness displayed at every turn, regardless of how many fresh courtships are placed in Maggie’s or her friends’ paths. The tale begins to eat away at the audience’s initial attention for one episode at a time. By the time we reach the season’s last episode, we are no longer interested in Maggie’s potential love life.

Another significant aspect of “Maggie” that doesn’t fully succeed is comedy. Instead of wasting time inventing jokes guaranteed to fail, the show might have benefited from learning more about the dramatic side. Many punchlines are rendered useless because the audience never laughs. After a time, it starts to taste bad, especially when the characters appear to be trying too hard to be hilarious. The excessively sappy background emphasises how shallow and superficial the entire setup feels.

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The characters also seem to have no life outside of each other, even though they have only been friends for a few months at most. These clichés include an unstable but supportive best friend, a black, gay, flamboyant mentor who never really helps; an unnecessarily complicated relationship with one’s mother, and the simple fact that they don’t seem to have any other friends. The plot is also rife with clichéd elements, of which half don’t contribute any depth or nuance to the story or the characters, which barely change over the course of the thirteen episodes.

The concept of seeing the future is what distinguishes “Maggie” from other modern comedies. This situation, which has appeared in everything from “That’s So Raven” and “Twilight” to “Minority Report” and “Dune,” has a lot of possibilities. Ideally, the audience should be interested because the context-free view of the future inspires intrigue and conflict. However, the visions for “Maggie” become such a burden that one questions whether the show would be better off without this plot device.

Tim Curcio first imagined “Maggie” as a short movie. The show ought to have taken note and started out brief, given all the faults it battles with. The tale could have at least gotten more concentrated if 4-5 episodes had been cut, because it’s not worthwhile to sit through thirteen episodes. Although it may have been a slow burn, it just ends up being a drag. Things might have turned out better if only someone had seen into the future and changed the course of the show.

The tv show “Maggie” premieres on Hulu on July 6th.