In P-Valley: Will Diamond and Big Bone End Up Together?


When Gidget and Keyshawn/Mississippi leave the strip club in season 2 of the drama series “P-Valley” on Starz, Hailey Colton, aka Autumn Night played by Elarica Johnson, hires new dancers for The Pynk. She chooses Roulette (Gail Bean), Whisper, and  Big Bone (Miracle Watts) to be the new dancers after holding an audition. The moment Roulette and Whisper (Psalms Salazar) begin to rule the dance floor, Big Bone shifts her focus. She works as a dancer for a short while before taking over as The Pynk’s new DJ. She notices Diamond (Tyler Lepley)  in the second season’s fourth episode and extends an invitation for a night drive and potentially more. We have examined the chances of their union because we were intrigued by their encounter. Let’s discuss our ideas! Spoilers follow.

Will Big Bone and Diamond ever get together?

Diamond, who works as The Pynk’s bouncer, provides protection for the dancers there, especially Keyshawn. She is enraged by her connection with the violent Derrick (Jordan M. Cox) because of the feelings he harbours for her. When Derrick goes too far, Diamond fights with him for torturing Keyshawn physically and psychologically before pulling a gun on him. Diamond’s feelings for her are affected by the episode, and he is also persuaded to leave the strip club before Big Bone does. She is impressed by Diamond’s behavior. Big Bone and Diamond first meet in the second season’s fourth episode when Diamond visits The Pynk to put the Covid-19 pandemic measures into place. She makes him feel flirtatious by letting him know she has his attention. Additionally, Big Bone makes it plain that she is interested in Diamond sexually and provides a drive.

Big Bone’s intrigue with Diamond may turn into a fascination after she learns about how he defended Keyshawn. She might have been moved by his genuineness and protectiveness. She might also be doing the impossible replacing Keyshawn in Diamond’s mind. Despite their poor relationship now, Diamond’s commitment to Keyshawn can be difficult for Big Bone to handle. Big L (Morocco Omari )and Big Bone might become more close since Big L wants Diamond to take over as bouncer at The Pynk once more. Although we don’t yet know Big Bone’s motivations, she might be successful in meeting him. A relationship with Big Bone may provide Diamond with the chance she needs to get over Keyshawn. Diamond even has to leave The Pynk and his “family” as a result of her, and with the entrance of Big Bone, he might wish to put an end to that chapter of his life.

However, Keyshawn might have an impact on the likelihood that Diamond and Big Bone will get together. She may finally leave Derrick after suffering for a protracted length of time due to physical and emotional anguish after establishing her own life. She might be able to live independently without having to rely on her violent boyfriend if she teams up with Lil Murda. It wouldn’t be shocking if she wanted to meet Diamond if she broke up with Derrick. Derrick has not provided the same level of care for Keyshawn’s child as he has, and she could want that safety and comfort going ahead for both herself and her child. If so, Big Bone might not be able to defeat Keyshawn in a conflict over the Diamond. She might therefore only end up with Diamond if Keyshawn is eliminated from the picture. Big Bone might need to exercise caution if she truly wants Diamond to become her boyfriend if Keyshawn decides to break up with Derrick.