In Westworld [HBO] is William dead or alive?

In Westworld [HBO], is William dead or alive?

As it examined the deeper subjects only briefly touched upon in the film, the Westworld series received acclaim when it debuted on HBO in 2016. Westworld, an HBO science fiction series, chronicles a complex period of Ed Harris’ William (Jimmi Simpson). He made his acting debut in Westworld season 1 as Ed Harris. His past was gradually revealed across overlapping eras after he became known as the enigmatic Man in Black. As the robot rebellion in Westworld started in earnest in season 2, William was forced to face the repercussions of his terrible acts. When the roles were finally reversed and William was forced to participate in a game created by Dolores, he continued to be haunted in Westworld season 3. After undergoing extensive rehabilitation, William chooses to initiate the Host annihilation by killing Bernard Lowe and Ashley Stubbs. He rushes to Delos’ research facility in Dubai to destroy it after killing Ashley Stubbs. However, William is welcomed by Charlotte Hale who sees him as a serious threat. William is introduced as the host, who then attacks the elderly guy. We have examined William’s fate in great detail because the season leaves it up in the air. Let’s discuss our ideas! Spoilers follow.

Is William still alive or dead in Westworld HBO?

Is William still alive or dead in Westworld HBO?

William is thought to be deceased. William decides to kill every host left in the globe in the third season finale. He wants to demonstrate that humans are the better species since he has suffered enough as a result of their meddling with the advancement of humanity. He shows up at Delos’ research facility to announce his arrival only to run into Hale. Executive Director of the Delos Destinations Board Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) Hale considers William as one of her greatest adversaries, someone who seeks to establish the dominance of the Hosts throughout the globe. She commands her creation to kill William and presents the host she conceived in his physical form. William’s throat is cut by the host version of the character. William’s throat has been slit, making it doubtful that he would survive the wound and live. The host version of William acquires a plant in the season 4 premiere episode’s first episode and sends men to assassinate Maeve Millay (Thandiwe Newton) and Caleb Nichols, who had completed Dolores’ task of destroying Rehoboam for the good of humanity. The third season, however, closes without disclosing William’s unquestionable demise, leaving open the chance that he may still be alive. Hale might have spared William’s life by forcing the host to slit his throat. First of all, Hale might find William’s presence inspiring as she leads her army of Hosts on a crusade to rule the globe. As Dolores begins her fight against humanity after her death, she might want someone to recognize her strength and wisdom.

Given that he wants to wipe out her race from the planet, she would even consider keeping William alive so that he could witness the Hosts’ potential victory over humans. Hale enjoys defeating strong opposition as much as she enjoys their presence. Hale might also want to keep William as a prisoner, just as he and other people kept hosts as toys in theme parks like Westworld. Hale may have the chance to slowly and painfully exact her revenge on William by saving him only to take him, prisoner. Given Hale’s viciousness, it wouldn’t be shocking if she opted to slowly kill William after subjecting him to mental and physical abuse rather than slitting his neck. We may expect to learn more about William’s destiny as well as Hale’s motivations in the forthcoming episodes of the show. Even if William is still alive, he is probably imprisoned and under Hale’s supervision. In order to benefit from William’s connections and resources, she is supposed to present the host version as the actual William. The true motivation behind constructing William’s host version may have been to use her access to one of the most powerful people in the country. William has an unmistakable voice, whether he is speaking to members of the mighty government or to titans of industry. As she strives to rule the world, Hale might utilize William as that voice of authority.