Installation Guideline For The Body Kit

The installing a body kit in your own vehicle, you should take appropriate measures to make sure it is performed properly. We invite you to get the components installed by a skilled but for all those who wish to perform the job in their very own instructions will get you started.

Prepping & Cleaning Procedure

Employing a fantastic excellent paper towel and dirt remover or lacquer thinner, thoroughly and completely wash the painted surface region onto the car at which you will employ double-sided tape. Don’t enable the paper towel or cloth to either stay on the car for a long time since it will lead to damage to the surface.  You can buy Bodykit C-ONE/RS style for Toyota Yaris By ABS-en at Rstyle Racing.

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Once washed, apply a minimum quantity of adhesion promoter (only sufficient to completely coat the surface) onto a sterile lint-free fabric and use a thin coating to the surface at which you can use the double tape. ) Each of the adhesion promoter to fully dry before you try installing the new region (s).

Notice: If you don’t mean to paint your complete automobile, we strongly advise that you paint the automobile before installing it on your vehicle.

Front Bumper Setup

Remove your previous mill bumper and store all the hardware to work with afterward. You might want to eliminate the Styrofoam add as the brand new bumper may not match correctly within it. Pre-fit the brand new bumper on the vehicle to be certain everything lines up.

If it doesn’t, make alterations by grinding or sanding. Utilize your previous mill bumper for a guide to drill new holes in your new automobile. As soon as you’ve done to set up the new bumper using the first factory bumper hardware.