Is Bloom Still Together With Leyla in ‘New Amsterdam’ Season 4?

Are Bloom and Leyla Still Together in New Amsterdam

Bloom and Leyla’s relationship blossoms endearingly in NBC’s medical drama ‘New Amsterdam.’

When Bloom learns about Leyla’s struggles to practise medicine in the United States, she gives her a place to stay and study.

Their bond grows stronger over time, and they begin to date. Bloom, on the other hand, relies on acts without considering the implications when faced with obstacles.

Her attempt to bribe the dean with a donation in order for Leyla to become a resident of New Amsterdam backfires, causing their relationship to suffer.

If you’re curious about the status of Bloom and Leyla’s relationship, we’ve got you covered!


Is Bloom Still Together With Leyla?

Bloom and Leyla are NOT together now. Leyla confronts Bloom about the fifth residency position at New Amsterdam, which Reynolds explains is not entirely based on merit.

Bloom, astonished, tries to reassert Leyla’s accomplishments, characteristics, and how much she deserves the position.

Bloom’s attempts to rationalise her behaviour fall flat when Leyla insistently inquires about the cost of her residence. Bloom admits to paying $90,000 for Leyla’s selection after realising that the only way forward is to tell the truth.

Even though Bloom pays the money with good intentions, Leyla is crushed when she realises that her residency at the hospital was not acquired properly.

At the end of their workday, she confronts Bloom again, reminding her that her conduct was nothing more than a ruse to buy her.

Bloom, who is distressed, listens to her, but fails to adequately articulate her reasoning. Bloom’s relationship with Leyla is eventually ended, and she is left to join another hospital without revealing her whereabouts.

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Bloom tries to contact Leyla several times in the eleventh episode of season 4, but each time she is disappointed.

She emphasises her want to know if she is safe, but Leyla does not pick up the phone. Bloom’s continuous and urgent attempts to find out where Leyla is only failing.

Fans of their endearing friendship, on the other hand, can hope that Leyla will return to Bloom’s life in some fashion.

In a November 2021 interview, creator David Schulner told fans that there would be further changes in Leyla and Bloom’s shattered relationship.

According to Schulner, as the fourth season unfolds, their lives will become increasingly intertwined. Schulner’s remarks are enough to make us hope for their inevitable reunion, even if he didn’t forget to warn us that things could grow even more complicated.

Bloom is deserving of a chance because his motivations are aligned with Leyla’s betterment.


Jocko Sims (Dr. Floyd Reynolds), like Schulner, revealed that Leyla’s departure does not mean the character and her connection with Bloom are over.

According to Sims, his own character Reynolds will play a significant role in Bloom and Leyla’s life.

Reynolds’ presence as a close friend of Bloom may help the doctor find her way back to Leyla, despite the actor’s silence on whether they will rejoin.