For All Mankind: Is Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Dead? Is He Leaving the Show?

s Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Dead

For All Mankind: Is Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Dead? Is He Leaving the For All Mankind? – For All Mankind includes the character Edward “Ed” Baldwin. He is a top astronaut for NASA. Baldwin was the commander of Apollo 10, which traveled 8 miles from the Moon and served as a test flight for Apollo 11. Baldwin and Gordo Stevens came under fire for not landing on the Moon when the Soviets did so first. In an interview with Newsweek, Baldwin claimed that “The NASA doesn’t have guts anymore.”

Baldwin was slated to lead Apollo 15 as well, but he was demoted from the mission and given a job on the Apollo Applications project in order to participate in this interview. Later, he was required to go before a committee due to a political issue involving Wernher von Braun. Thanks to his evidence, Deke Slayton was able to reinstate him in charge of Apollo 15. Gordo Stevens was unhappy that Molly Cobb had taken his spot during the mission’s training.

Ed eventually made it to the final round of candidates for NASA’s initial Mars mission. Margo Madison overturned Molly’s decision to give him the job even though she had already given it to him and dismissed Molly as a result. As a result of the decision, Ed strained his friendship with Danielle Poole and joined Helios Aerospace as their Mars mission commander because he felt NASA had grown too bureaucratic.

Is Joel Kinnaman Leaving For All Mankind

How Did Baldwin Help In The Apollo 22 Mission

On the Apollo 22 mission, Edward Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman), Gordo Stevens, and Danielle Poole were deployed. Their goal was to free up the Apollo 21 crew members, who were the first humans to live in space and were still in charge of the Jamestown base. Despite Apollo 23 being scheduled to launch shortly after, personnel on Apollo 22 were forced to stay longer due to an explosion just before liftoff. Baldwin gave Danielle the order to board the Command and Service Module of Apollo 22 and bring Gordo back to Earth.

This plan adjustment impacted Gordo’s emotional state. Gordo began to dream since they were isolated in space, going through the same daily routine. Baldwin once had the impression that ants were crawling all over him while he and Gordo were out on a walk. Even yet, he eventually admitted that he had no idea what had gone wrong. Danielle was aware that if the headquarters learned about Gordo’s mental state, they would remove him from every program and force him to return home jobless.

After his return from Vietnam, she witnessed her boyfriend’s struggles. She was aware that his condition would worsen if he suddenly lost his job. To protect Gordo from the repercussions, Danielle intentionally hurt herself and accepted responsibility for her actions. Gordo was hailed as the hero, while Danielle’s misfortune led some to question the abilities of women.

On the Moon, Baldwin was left by himself. He was aware of the Soviet facility that had been established, and he had his doubts that the Soviets were tapping into the American basement to obtain information about American missions. He set up a webcam to keep an eye on the Soviets. Shane, his kid, had a mishap at home and ended up in the hospital. Later, it was determined that he was brain dead and couldn’t survive without breathing. Kate urged the NASA doctor to review the case because she didn’t want to give up hope. When he said her son was partially dead, Kate’s heart broke to pieces.

In the vain hope that her kid might get better, she had concealed the truth from Edward. Everyone agreed with Kate’s choice to keep Baldwin from learning the truth. The Soviets were the only ones to send him a message, offering their condolences for the loss of his son. He thought it was a Soviet strategy to influence him. He destroyed the Soviet equipment he discovered in Jamestown in an effort to get retribution. Edward, though, was utterly devastated when Kate told him their son had been ruled dead. The news of his son’s passing while he was on the Moon, made him feel worse about the fact that he had never spent enough time with him. Edward cut off all contact with the planet and boozed himself to despair.

Apollo 24 was getting ready to set Baldwin free and assist him in getting back to Earth. Harrison Liu, Ellen Waverly, and Deke Slayton were all on board. Although they had launched without incident, a flight control computer malfunctioned. Molly Cobb and Tracey Stevens on Apollo 25 went to use the computer for the case’s benefit. Deke Slayton and Harrison Liu went ahead and swapped the defective components. The sudden ignition of the S-IVB ultimately resulted in the death of Harrison Liu.

As a result, Molly Cobb was also abandoned in space. As it strayed further from its intended course, Apollo 24. Ellen attempted to assist Deke Slayton in maintaining control after he sustained injuries in the process. Knowing they had used up all the fuel and that they would soon perish, Ellen made the decision to tell Deke the truth.

She admitted that she was in love with a lady and that she married Larry to quell rumors and preserve her employment. Deke cautioned her not to tell anyone about this, or she would lose her chance to become an astronaut. He didn’t encourage her, and he was aware that there were certain men out there who would make sure to damage her career.

When Edward Baldwin finally understood there was an SOS issue, he called the headquarters. He was asked to board the LSAM and deliver propellant to Apollo 24. Baldwin pushed the propellant from his end, and Ellen was able to get hold of it. However, as she turned around, she discovered that Deke had passed away. Baldwin was given the order to depart from Jamestown and return to Earth by Ellen, the lone survivor of Apollo 24.

Baldwin wished to remain behind because he was afraid of the grim truth that awaited him. Ellen was now in charge of protecting Jamestown’s foundation. She said she wanted to express her love for her husband when asked to send a message to Earth, showing that she had thought about what Deke had said and was not going to reveal the truth and jeopardise her job.

Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman)

Ed Baldwin: Is He Dead?

One of the primary characters in “For All Mankind” is Edward “Ed” Baldwin. He is a NASA astronaut who loses the opportunity to fly with Apollo 10 to the Moon. Ed returns to space in the third season and commands Helios’ Phoenix spaceship to Mars. Ed manages to successfully land his crew on Mars despite losing the race to NASA’s Danielle Poole and failing to land on the Red Planet first. When Roscosmos suggests a collaborative operation to harvest water they have discovered beneath the planet’s surface, Ed and his crew are given a historic opportunity.

Ed is in charge of the Helios-Roscosmos joint expedition to drill the surface and begin harvesting the water in the third season’s seventh episode, “Bring it Down.” However, Danny Stevens’ fear throughout the expedition causes him to make a mistake at the drilling site that ends his life. Due to the grave injuries to two astronauts, including Ed, the crew is compelled to terminate the mission.

Ed is rushed to the medical bay by Danny, but the two are engulfed in a massive sandstorm. Ed and Danny hide inside a rover to avoid the storm just when it looks like they will both perish. Ed is now still alive, but he is seriously hurt and could pass away if he is not given the right care.

Is Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Leaving the Show

Is Ed Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) Leaving the Show?

Joel Kinnaman plays Edward “Ed” Baldwin in the series “For All Mankind.” The actor’s portrayal of Rick Flag in the DC Comics superhero moviesSuicide Squad” and “The Suicide Squad” is likely what makes him most well-known. Kinnaman has been listed as a series regular throughout the program’s first three seasons. However, given Ed Baldwin’s precarious status, some viewers might be concerned about Kinnaman’s future on the program.

In the next episodes of season three of Apple TV+For All Mankind,” viewers may anticipate seeing more of Kinnaman’s seasoned astronaut. Given that Ed is one of the most well-liked characters on the show, he may be killed off in a future episode, but it is not very likely. If Ed passed away, multiple current storylines featuring Kinnaman’s character would have a disappointing conclusion. Additionally, Kinnaman alluded to his role in the show’s fourth season, which hasn’t been officially announced but is probably still in development, in a June 2022 interview. Therefore, fans do not need to worry just yet that Kinnaman will leave the show.

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