Jchandra Brown Murder Case: Where is Tyerell Przybycien Today?

Jchandra Brown Murder

Jchandra Brown Murder: Where is Tyerell Przybycien Now? – Sheriffs thought Jchandra Brown’s death, which they discovered hanging from a noose, was a suicide. However, it was more perplexing and upsetting.

Jchandra Brown, 16, was referred to as “Jelly” because she liked Jelly Belly candies and lived in Spanish Fork, Utah, which is roughly 50 miles from Salt Lake City. Family and friends adored her charming and pleasant disposition.

Brown, however, had a darker side and was prone to sadness. A young woman was discovered hanging from a noose made of white nylon rope by a turkey hunter on May 6, 2017, in a forested section of Payson Canyon.

There were indications that something was wrong. Police discovered a message nearby.

Investigation Discovery episode “48 Hours: A Death in Payson Canyon” recounts the ups and downs of the case minutely to give viewers a clear picture, although some aspects didn’t seem to sit right with the cops. We’ve got your back if you want to read everything there is to know about the case, including who the criminal is and where they are right now. So without further ado, may we start now?

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How Did Jchandra Brown Die
“Jchandra was my world. She was my life,” Sue Bryan said. “When Jchandra died, my heart shattered.”

Who Was Jchandra Brown and How Did He Die?

Sue Bryan, Jchandra Brown’s mother, called her “one of the happiest kids in the room” since she was such a happy-go-lucky teenager. The 16-year-old was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, but she and her mother and stepfather relocated to Spanish Fork, Utah, to be nearer to her brother Dustin Lewis and his family. Her brother said that his children loved Jchandra and how excited they were to know she was coming.

They screamed, “Jchandra, Jchandra’s coming!” with glee. Moving to a new location meant enrolling in a new school and creating new friendships, but Brown quickly did both. Brown was referred to as one of the “Three Musketeers” along with Hannah Baldt and Grace Jackson, who claimed that she “was always jumping around the place…. she was like jelly keeping everyone together.” Sue expected to refer to her daughter as “Jelly Beanies” as a child.

However, her mother observed that Brown wasn’t always her typical self as the months went by. Instead, she said, she seemed a little sad and became frustrated quickly. Sue allegedly later told the investigators, “I got the idea she was sad and experiencing issues.” She had previously had mental depression in Idaho as well, so her mother took her to get medical attention, and the doctor prescribed antidepressants for her.

Her mother soon realized that Brown obviously didn’t get along with their moving to Utah, and the issues persisted. According to her friends, she regularly reminisced about her memories and friends in Idaho, stating she missed them. Brown even dabbled in self-harm, according to her friend Grace Jackson who informed the police that Brown even slashed herself.

After being found in possession of marijuana on May 5, 2017, Brown was expelled from school. Her mother took her phone as a punishment and took her to the Wendy’s restaurant where she used to work, which was close by. At 1:30 in the morning, Brown’s work was over, but she never got home. Instead, on May 6, 2017, at roughly 7:15 am in the Payson Canyon woods close to Maple Lake, a turkey hunter discovered her dead hanging from a tree.

A suicide note, canned air, her spare phone with the suicide video, a Wendy’s name tag that read “Jelly,” a wrinkled debit card receipt for the purchase of a rope, and other items were found when police arrived at the location after he called 911. Tyerell Przybycien’s name was written on the receipt.

According to Utah County Sheriff’s Detective Quin Fackrell, the suicide note reads, “My name’s Jchandra Brown and I hated my life.” Quin Fackrell tells CBS News correspondent David Begnaud. “Watch the video. It’s on my phone.”

Who Killed Jchandra Brown
Tyerell Przybycien

Who Killed Jchandra Brown and Why?

Brown’s identity, the disdain for her life, and directions to check the phone were all revealed in the note. The local authorities turned on the backup phone after it had been charged for some time to find a 10-minute video of Brown’s demise. It was apparent that Tyerell probably shot the video and also helped her to take her own life. The police were eager to speak with him right away, but Tyerell made touch with them first. Tyerell initially said he returned to “make sure that Jchandra was dead,” according to Sgt. Josh Chappell.

The police took him to the sheriff’s office for Utah County. Tyerell continued talking about how Brown ended up there for the following five hours. He explained to the police how he picked Brown up from work, drove her to the woods, tied a noose around her neck, and even recorded her killing herself. He asserted that he and Brown had a deal in which he would assist Brown in taking her own life before doing the same to his own.

Though they were powerless, the authorities could tell that Tyerell had a problem. Since there was no statute against aiding suicide in Utah in 2017, they could not charge him. However, fresh pieces of proof started to surface. The cops found texts between Brown and Tyerell about Brown’s suicide from way back in January 2017. But as the days leading up to the sad tragedy drew closer, the texts became more intense.

Tyerell Przybycien and his mother
Tyerell Przybycien and his mother, Brittney Johnson. Johnson said she never heard of Jchandra Brown before the teen’s death.

The text message “What you do if you knew a friend was going to commit suicide?” that Tyerell allegedly texted to one of his acquaintances roughly 17 days before to the crucial day was the most damning piece of proof, though. “Talk them out of it,” this friend retorted. Tyerelle allegedly stated, “The point is I want to help kill them,” in response. It’ll be amazing. Seriously im going to help her. It is comparable to getting away with murder!. . . . I’m not kidding; I mean it. It will disappear in a week or two.” Even more allegedly, detectives discovered a text message from Tyerell asking, “Can I mutilate your body and cut off your head and dispose of it somewhere else?

Tyerell was accused of reckless endangerment, desecration of a human body, and first-degree murder five days after the police found Brown’s body.

Where Is Tyerell Przybycien Today
Five days after introducing himself to Sgt. Chappell in Payson Canyon, Tyerell Przybycien was charged with first-degree murder.

What Happened to Tyerell Przybycien and Where Is He Now?

Tyerell entered a not guilty plea to the charges in October 2017. However, the prosecution discovered the letters he wrote to a friend from prison pleading with him not to assist the police. He was also accused of tampering with witnesses. He entered a guilty plea to child abuse homicide on October 23, 2018, a first-degree felony with a lighter sentence. Tyerell allegedly said, “I’m also hoping that, even though I don’t deserve it, the victim’s family will be able to forgive me for the immature, inconsiderate, and reckless decision,” when apologizing to Brown’s mother.

Tyerell was given a sentence of five years to life in prison by 4th District Judge James Brady. According to official court records, he is being detained at a prison in Utah.

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