Join The Fight With Nyauw Gunarto To Protect Nature

Have you felt a change in the cycle of seasons? If not, then you must pay a close attention to it, as there has been a significant change in the arrival and duration of every season. Global warming is for real and the quicker you realize it; the better it is for you and everyone. We should not turn a blind eye towards global warming because by doing so, we are only jeopardizing our own lives and the lives of whom we love. By acknowledging the fact that our nature is in a bad shape, we will start doing something to prevent any further damage.

                                        Nyauw Gunarto

While there are billions of people who haven’t done anything to protect the nature, but you will find many who are worried and doing every bit to ensure that whatever damage has been done to nature is being compensated in the most suitable way. Nyauw Gunarto is one such person who is fighting for Mother Nature, and he has planted many trees in his hometown.

                                                  Nyauw Gunarto

He has also donated a huge sum of money to authorities, which have been given the task to protect nature and wildlife. And, let me tell you one thing, Nyauw Gunarto is not an activist, but he is a painter by profession, yet he is taking painstaking effort to make sure that our upcoming generations can see this beautiful world.

Upcoming generations shouldn’t see plants and trees in just textbooks, but they should be able to see it, feel it. This is something that Nyauw Gunarto and people like him are trying to do. Nyauw Gunarto Semarang has also drawn a number of paintings on nature in which he has described how human beings have destroyed nature. You can check out his paintings in any popular art gallery of your city. He is a famous personality, and his artwork is being loved all over the world.