Kim Medlin Murder Case: Where is Josh Griffin Today?

Kim Medlin Murder

Kim Medlin Murder: Where is Josh Griffin Now? – The Jeep belonging to Medlin was discovered abandoned on March 29, 1997, with the lights and engine on. Her wallet and pocketbook remained in the vehicle, but her driving license was missing. The police concluded that it was not related to the robbery as she was still wearing her wedding ring and her purse and valuables were in the jeep. The next day, his body was discovered about a mile and a half from where his jeep was found.

People Magazine Presents: Crimes of the 90s: 1997: A Deadly Drive” on Investigation Discovery details how the police identified Kim Medlin’s killer and what evidence resulted in his capture. So if you want to know how Kim Medlin was killed and who killed her, keep reading.

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How Did Kim Medlin Die

Who Was Kim Medlin and How Did She Die?

Kimberly Jo Millen was born in December 1970 in Michigan. The 26-year-old wanted to start her own horse farm because she had grown up riding horses. She was described as a young woman who always had a smile on her face. Kim had two jobs at the time of the incident, one of which was serving drinks at a men’s club. She resided on a Monroe, North Carolina farm with her husband, Bridger Medlin.

After working a stint at the club on March 28, 1997, Kim used cellphones to communicate with Bridger as she made her way home. On March 29, 1997, however, at around 4 AM, a passing motorist called the police to report an abandoned car by the side of the road. Most of Kim’s possessions were still in the car, but she was no longer there, and neither was her driving license.

The next day, the police in the region discovered Kim’s body buried beneath some trash at the end of a cul-de-sac. Her neck was broken, and she had been battered and strangled to death.

Who Killed Kim Medlin
Josh Griffin

Who Killed Kim Medlin and Why?

The authorities investigated the possibility that a police officer or someone posing as one might have been responsible after discovering the license was gone. If it weren’t for a law enforcement officer, the family felt confident that Kim wouldn’t have stopped the jeep at that hour of the night. As per the program, records did not indicate that Kim’s jeep had been stopped around that time.

Kim’s sweater was then examined, and the upper back of it showed a shoeprint. It was discovered that the print was created by the brand of shoes worn by cops. According to the drama, when the authorities tracked down the vendor, they discovered that he exclusively sold shoes to the Monroe Police Department. The authorities focused on three prospective suspects after calculating the size of the shoe that left that impression, with Josh Griffin being the only one who appeared to have a suspect alibi.

According to the program, Josh claimed not to be involved in the murder and stated that he arrived home at about 2:45 AM when he was questioned. Also, Josh reported an accident at roughly two in the morning on March 29, 1997, while he was off-duty and monitoring the area in his patrol car. Josh tossed away his work shoes, claiming they were ruined by battery acid, although this was an odd action. Additionally, it was reported on the program that his typically dirty car was spotless when it was impounded.

Where is Josh Griffin Today
Josh Griffin received a life sentence without the chance of release.

What Happened to Josh Griffin and Where Is He Now?

According to the prosecution, Josh had a history of pursuing women and using his badge to gain control over them. The detectives believed that he had been following Kim for months before confronting her on the way home. The prosecution claims that Josh attacked Kim after she turned down his advances, beating her with a flashlight, strangling her, and crushing on her.

Josh, who was 24 at the time, was found guilty in February 1998 of both first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. In the end, he received a life sentence without the chance of release. According to the records, Josh is still a prisoner at the Pamlico Correctional Facility in Bayboro, North Carolina. In 2005, he admitted to the crime.

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