Lanyard- The Varied Use of the Humble Chord

You might have seen a lanyard in your office and at home. A lanyard is a thin strap of chord or ribbon that is usually worn in the neck and used to carry something. The word is derived from the French word ‘laniere’ which means a strap. They were initially used by the navy personnel to carry their valuable items on board.


Uses of Lanyard:

  • It is worn by the office employees to hold their ID cards.
  • It can be seen in trade fairs, events, conferences and public gatherings to know which organization the person belongs to.
  • Also, it is used as an advertising tool and given to all the participants attending the conference.
  • It is used by the security guards to know the company they work for.
  • It is used by school children to display their ID cards
  • It is used for identification purposes in government buildings and hospitals.
  • Other common examples of lanyard being worn around the neck include holding a whistle, mobile, MP3 players, USB flash drives and so on.
  • While camping, it is used to hold a knife, compass or camping gear
  • In the kitchen, it is used to hold the bottle opener lest it is most likely to vanish when you need them the most.

Lanyard forms the best and inexpensive way for ID badges. The lanyard is available in different colors and sizes. It can be bought online and customized as per your requirements. Though small, they offer myriad uses that cannot be ignored.