Many Uses of Army Tents

Army tents are often selected for special events like camping, barbeque, birthday or any other social gathering. Choosing best from this pool could be hectic as many factors are considered like terrain, ground type, number of participants and off-course, kind of occasion. Click to read more about uses of army tents.

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Even before selecting a tent, it is far better to familiarize with campsite which must be ideal for pitching with the ideal ground texture and environment. Locate a place nearest to running water and moving trail but make sure that the ground is sloped lest there is a heavy downpour and your camp may drown with increasing level.

Remove rocks, protruding shrubbery and roots, pitch under open skies as falling pines or branches from the tree could be deadly. In addition, don't camp at bottom of a hill or near hollow pit due to potential land-sliding. Cover the sleeping floor with waterproof cloth or tarp but make sure it is smooth and clean of debris for optimum comfort.

Selecting the Tent

Sleeping and storage space are two primary aspects to not be neglected. Make sure it can accommodate you and all of your stuff. Still, you don't have to fill it with unnecessary items! When multiple campers are involved, start looking for a larger tent both in width and length. Special designs can be found in market, contrasting with all four seasons with just the ideal material to keep temperature.