Was Marilyn Monroe Having an Affair With Robert Kennedy? Was She Sleeping With Him?

Marilyn Monroe affair with Robert Kennedy

Was Marilyn Monroe Sleeping with Robert Kennedy? Were They Having an Affair? Let’s find out. – Marilyn Monroe died in 1962 at the young age of 36, leaving much of her death and even her life shrouded in mystery. The circumstances surrounding her death are still mostly unknown. Despite the fact that Monroe’s death was deemed a suicide, most of the “important forensic evidence went missing shortly after [Monroe] died,” and numerous critical witnesses who saw Monroe the night of her death had given contradictory accounts. Monroe’s own perceptions could not be trusted, either. Monroe’s business manager, Inez Melson, set about burning her papers and changing the lock on her filing cabinet after she died.

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Monroe’s blockbuster part in The Asphalt Jungle, which was released the same year as her modest but important role in All About Eve, rocketed her to fame. Monroe was divorced at this point, having married her high school friend Jim Dougherty in 1942.

“She would still be Mrs. Dougherty today if I hadn’t joined the Merchant Marines after WWII,” Doughtery told People in 1976.

The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes,’ a Netflix documentary, features archival interviews with the actor’s friends and others familiar with her life. Anthony Summers, who spoke with them as part of his inquiry into Marilyn’s death, unearths startling facts from before her death.

There had been many allegations about Marilyn’s affairs with Robert Kennedy and his brother, President John F. Kennedy, by the time she was discovered dead in 1962. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here’s what we know.

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Was Marilyn Monroe Sleeping with Robert Kennedy

Is It True, Was Marilyn Monroe Slept with Robert Kennedy?

Rumors of Marilyn Monroe’s affairs with Robert and John F. Kennedy had been circulating for years. Furthermore, after her death in August 1962, there was speculation that an attempt was made to conceal her ties to the Kennedys. Several acquaintances and confidants heard from Marilyn about her relationship with the Kennedys in the months leading up to her death.

Marilyn mentioned becoming pregnant by one of the Kennedy brothers at one point, although sources differ as to whether it was a miscarriage or an abortion. Marilyn told a friend, Anne Karger, just a few days before her death, that she loved Robert and planned to marry him. Robert, on the other hand, was married to Ethel at the time. She had sexual encounters with “very significant guys in government…at the highest level,” according to her psychiatrist, Ralph Greenson.

Furthermore, Marilyn’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, reportedly stated that Robert was present at Marilyn’s home on the day she died. Marilyn called Sydney Guilaroff, a Hollywood hairdresser, at 9:30 p.m. on August 4 and said, “Robert Kennedy was here, threatening me, yelling at me… I’m having a relationship with him… “I, too, had an affair with JFK.” Robert supposedly came down that evening to end the affair and requested her not to call the White House.

Were Marilyn Monroe and Robert Kennedy Having an Affair

Was Marilyn Monroe having an affair with Robert F. Kennedy?

While there have been multiple claims that Marilyn and Robert were having an affair, neither of them has publicly confirmed it. Only a few years after Marilyn’s death, Robert was slain. There have been audio recordings from Robert’s brother-in-house law’s and Marilyn’s apartment purporting to show Marilyn having sex with John and Robert.

In the end, Anthony concluded that Marilyn died of an accidental overdose or suicide, rather than being murdered. He did say, though, that the Kennedys may have exchanged official secrets with her and later decided to cease.

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