New Heights: Who Is Angie’s Dad? Does She Find Him?

Who Is Angie’s Dad In New Heights

Who Is Angie’s Dad In New Heights? Does Angie Find Him? – The Swiss-German series ‘New Heights,’ created by Marianne Wendt, is a dark and brooding family drama about a family ripped apart.

The series is set in a village on the outskirts of Zurich and chronicles a farmer’s suicide and the family’s following turmoil. Farming appears to be an antiquated and loss-intensive vocation, so the family debates whether to continue the family tradition or sell the land.

Katherina, the wife, prefers not to be tied down; Michi, the son, works in the city; and Sarah, the daughter, is battling to keep her studio gym afloat. As the opposing forces collide, they disclose some damaging family secrets. Sarah’s story arc with her daughter Angie is riveting, and you have to wonder who Angie’s father is. In such a case, we’ve got you covered.

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Who Is Angie's Dad

Who is Angie’s Biological Father? Is Angie able to Locate him?

Sarah’s adolescent daughter, Angie, is at the centre of her mother’s attempts and tribulations. Angie is disrespectful to Sarah when Sarah is unable to raise funds for Angie’s school trip. Angie continues to verbally attack her even after she gets the money with the help of her new buddy Loris.

Angie’s animosity towards Sarah derives primarily from her lack of a father figure in her life. Some of you might assume that Pirmin, the studio’s head of sales, is Angie’s father because Pirmin and Sarah have degrading sex.

However, Angie’s father perished in a horrific car accident, as Sarah knows. Angie, on the other hand, had a run-in with her loudmouth great-grandmother while staying in Neumatt. She informs Angie that her father could still be alive and that Sarah is lying to her. Angie runs out of the house after learning the truth.

Sarah and Loris go their separate ways in search of Angie, but neither finds her. The next morning, though, Angie appears on the doorstep. She presumably went out to let off steam and raise a glass to her father’s memory.

Later that morning, when investigating Neumatt’s office, Angie and Sarah discover Katherina had signed a non-disclosure agreement with the family of Angie’s father in exchange for a large sum of money. It calls for a fight between Sarah and Katherina, but Katherina later tries to explain the document to Sarah.

According to Katherina, Angie’s father’s relatives pressured them into signing the contract. Angie deduces that her father’s family resides in Uster, a big township in the Swiss canton of Zurich, based on the records.

Sarah makes the decision to tell Angie about her pregnancy. Sarah, Michi, and Urs, a friend of Michi’s, ended up at a performance after hearing Sarah’s story. Urs proceeded to take Sarah to the bathroom and rape her, so Michi had to leave early. Urs must have put sedative pills in Sarah’s drink because she was unable to scream during the occurrence.

Urs then departs to pursue his studies in France, leaving Sarah to raise the children on her own. The irony is that Michi is completely unaware of Urs’ activities until Angie confronts him outside the studio.

After a period of deliberation, Michi resolves to make amends with Sarah. They have a lively discussion, and Michi invites Sarah to let him know if she requires assistance. Angie appears to have found Urs’ number from the non-disclosure document near the end of the finale. She dials a number for Ms. Sutter, who appears to be Urs’ mother.

Even if she does get a chance to communicate with Urs, we doubt she will reveal herself as Urs’ daughter. We don’t know what happened during the call, but we hope Angie finds some answers.