Hulu’s ‘Crush’: Do ‘Paige’ End Up With Gabriella or AJ?

Do 'Paige' End Up With Gabriella or AJ

Do ‘Paige’ end up together with Gabriella or AJ in Hulu’s ‘Crush’ movie? – When a promising young artist is compelled to join her high school track team, she takes advantage of the opportunity to pursue the girl she has had a long-standing infatuation with. But she eventually falls in love with an unexpected teammate and learns what true love is like.

Crush,’ a romantic comedy on Hulu, is a fun film about falling in love for the first time. Paige, a lesbian adolescent, has a long-standing crush on her classmate Gabriela AKA Gabi Campos, and the movie is directed by Sammi Cohen. Despite her preference for painting, she joins the school’s running team in order to get her attention.

Paige, on the other hand, soon finds herself levitating toward Gabi’s twin sister, AJ, and sparks fly. The audience wonders which Campos sister she would choose as she battles with her feelings for both. Let’s see what we can find out for ourselves.

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Do Paige and Gabriella End Up Together

Do Paige and Gabriella Going to End Up Together?

Paige has had a huge crush on Gabriela, a popular classmate, since they worked together on a science project in 5th grade. But, as Gabi is a social butterfly and Paige is an introvert who wants to have a small circle of friends, they grew apart over time. Paige, unable to get over her crush, decides to try out for the school’s track team, which is coached by Gabi. Despite her lack of talents, she qualifies with AJ’s assistance and begins training for the relay event.

Paige has another motivation to be on the track team besides pursuing Gabi. To achieve her goal of attending Cal Art School, she must improve her extracurricular record and assist school officials in apprehending KingPun, an anonymous mural artist who covertly paints gorgeous graffiti all over the campus.

As a result, Paige enlists AJ’s assistance in locating the perpetrator and, as a result, gets to spend time with Gabi at a party. They all plan a nighttime stakeout on school grounds to catch KingPun red-handed.

Paige discovers that Gabi has recently split up with her partner while they are hiding together, and the two have a beautiful talk. Paige kisses Gabi for the first time when she indicates that she is interested in her. The next day, they both act uncomfortable and try to talk about it, only to be stopped by AJ. Paige becomes dissatisfied when she notices Gabi is still contacting her ex. Furthermore, she recognises her growing affection for AJ and decides to concentrate on him.

Paige and AJ are later imprisoned in the bathroom as part of a game during a hotel room party and end up kissing each other. Later that night, a drunk Gabi runs into Paige and tries to kiss her after telling her that her ex had dumped her. To her astonishment, she pulls away and admits that she has feelings for someone else.

Paige suddenly understands that her crush is over and that she has fallen deeply in love with someone else – AJ, even after Gabi has left. Gabi then assists her in reconciling with her twin, and the two decide to stay friends.

Do Paige and AJ End Up Together

Is it Possible that Paige and AJ will End up Together?

Paige is attracted to Gabi, but when her twin sister AJ is assigned to train her for the track team, the two quickly become friends. Paige enlists Stacey’s assistance in her search for KingPun, and AJ eagerly joins her as an accomplice. Paige also asks her for recommendations for her art school applications because they share a passion for art. She quickly improves as a track team runner under AJ’s tutelage and performs admirably at the sports meet.

AJ, too, feels at ease in Paige’s company and begins to speak openly about her differences with her father. Paige proposes organising a stakeout to apprehend KingPun after discovering his journal. AJ grudgingly agrees to bring Gabi along as part of their plan, but he begins to feel uneasy as he watches her become close to Paige. When she experiences her first kiss with Gabi, she decides not to tell AJ while they are on their way to regionals.

Paige’s best buddy Dillon and his girlfriend Stacey trap AJ into locking up with her in the bathroom while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven at the hotel. Before having a passionate kiss, they share a heart-to-heart and express their affections for each other.

Later, when they spend the night as roommates, they get along even better, and AJ confides in Paige about her insecurities with her sister. Paige acknowledges her love for AJ after the embarrassing experience with Gabi that night, but she feels bad about concealing the truth about her first kiss.

Gabi nervously blurts everything out in front of everyone at the regional meet, and AJ feels deceived and manipulated by Paige. She then walks away after revealing that she is KingPun, whom everyone is hunting for. AJ continues to avoid Paige despite her repeated attempts to apologise and explain herself. Paige, heartbroken over the loss of her first love, resolves to take the fall for becoming KingPun in order to save AJ, only to discover that he has already confessed and been suspended.

Paige asks Gabi to assist her in winning over her sister, as she is taken aback by how AJ has sacrificed her goals to support her no matter what. They return her to school just in time for the election results to be announced, and Stacey, as class president, successfully manipulates the principal into lifting AJ’s suspension.

Paige also unveils the mural she created for her art school application, which depicts all of the memorable moments she shared with AJ. AJ forgives her and reciprocates by kissing her after she apologises and declares her love freely. Consequently, despite her desire for Gabi, Paige discovers her sister to be a better match, and the two become a pair.

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