Robert Berchtolds Death: How Did Jan Broberg’s Kidnapper Die?

Robert Berchtold’s Death

Robert Berchtolds Death: How Did Jan Broberg’s Kidnapper Die? – The 2017 real crime documentaryAbducted in Plain Sight,” also known as “Forever B,” was directed by Skye Borgman. Jan Broberg Felt, an Idaho teen who was kidnapped twice by her neighbour Robert Berchtold in the 1970s, is the subject of the documentary. Stolen Innocence: The Jan Broberg Story, a memoir written by her and her mother, first detailed the tale in 2003. It includes videos of Broberg Felt being interviewed.

Jan Broberg was kidnapped by her neighbour Robert Berchtold twice when she was 12 and 14 years old, and the story of her abduction is unquestionably awful. After all, as depicted in both Peacock’s documentary “A Friend of the Family” and Netflix’s documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight,” he charmed her parents, brainwashed her, and controlled every aspect of her life. We now have the crucial information for you if you want to discover more about him, emphasising his transgressions, punishments, perspectives on them, and their full aftermath.

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Who Was Robert Berchtold

Robert Berchtold: Who Was He?

Robert, his wife Gail Toyn Berchtold, and their children moved to Pocatello, Idaho, perhaps in the early 1970s, only to live next door to the equally religious Broberg family. As a result, they were very close and continued to spend time together by going to church, eating supper as a family, and even taking trips, until they were practically a part of everyday life. In reality, he eventually approached Mary Ann Broberg and Robert “Bob” Broberg successfully, and their three daughters—Jan being the oldest—started referring to him as “dad.”

But nobody knew that Robert was madly in love with Jan, and that’s why, in October 1974, he not only persuaded her parents to allow him to lay alongside her in bed but also abducted her. The 12-year-old was actually given drugs after he told her family he was taking her horseback riding. He then tied her up in his RV with the intention of taking her to Mexico to get married. There, he brainwashed her into thinking she was a half-alien who needed to have his child before she was 16 to rescue the race, allowing him to continue to harass her sexually.

Five weeks later, Jan was found, but Robert could avoid any severe charges by coercing the Brobergs into signing an affidavit stating that they had permitted him to go with their daughter. Thus, he received a 5-year sentence on lower charges, which was then reduced to 45 days. As a result, he ultimately only had to serve ten days in prison before regaining his complete freedom. However, communication between the two families persisted, allowing him to abduct Jan again in August 1976. This time, he successfully kept her hidden for four months in a Catholic girls’ school in California.

How Did Robert Berchtold Die

Robert Berchtold’s Cause of Death

In November 1976, the FBI was the one to track down Robert and Jan, but the former was able to successfully defend himself against the allegation of first-degree kidnapping during his trial. He was therefore sent to a mental health centre for treatment, even though he had already moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, at this point, and was discharged less than six months later. The Berchtolds and Brobergs eventually parted ways, but it’s important to remember that Robert did serve a year in prison for raping a kid a decade later (an unrelated matter).

Around 2004, Jan and Robert crossed paths once more after she obtained a restraining order due to his appearances at the events she was attending to promote her biography “Stolen Innocence.” She stated that while he fiercely argued that her account was embellished with falsehoods and lies to promote her book, “he [was] desperate because our story has come out.”

When Robert turned up at an event again in 2005, a confrontation broke out because Jan had been given a restraining order and had the backing of Bikers Against Child Abuse. After showing up at Jan’s event and hurting BACA members, Robert was then charged with three felonies and two misdemeanour counts. He was quickly found guilty of all of the charges. According to “Abducted in Plain Sight,” the 69-year-old overdosed on his heart medication and Kahlua before he could be sentenced because he didn’t want to serve any more time in jail. On November 11, 2005, he passed away.

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