Ruby Doss Murder Case: Where is Richard Aguirre Today?

Ruby Doss Murder

Ruby Doss Murder: Where is Richard Aguirre Now? – Let’s find out. – Everyone was baffled when a young mother was found brutally killed in Spokane, Washington, in January 1986. But regrettably, the solution hasn’t materialised for years. The most recent edition of the “Crime Junkie” podcast, titled “MURDERED: Ruby J. Doss,” explores the circumstances behind Roby Doss’ murder and how, many years later, DNA evidence gave the police a break. The trial that followed, though, wasn’t as simple. So, if you’re interested in learning more, we can help.

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who was Ruby Doss

Who was Ruby Doss Pass and How Did She Die?

At the time of the death, Ruby J. Doss, a 27-year-old lady from Spokane, was a resident. She used to work in the sex industry and reside in motels with her daughter and boyfriend. Up until a terrible accident, it appeared that Ruby was making ends meet and finding a means to support her kid.

On January 30, 1986, Doss was discovered beaten and strangled close to Playfair Race Course. A homeless person discovered the body and immediately alerted the police. They discovered that Ruby had been pursued and struck in the back of her head by a blunt instrument. The murderer then killed the 27-year-old by strangling him. Therefore, in addition to lung injury injuries like the broken hyoid bone and blunt force trauma to the head, Ruby also suffered from brain hemorrhaging. Although there was tangible evidence at the site, it took a while before the case was resolved.

Who Killed Ruby Doss
Ex-Pasco police officer, Richard Aguirre

Who Killed Ruby Doss and Why?

Ruby may have had sex with someone behind a nearby racetrack just before she was killed, the investigation found. Shoeprints revealed that she ran for some time before the assailant caught up to her since she was discovered jammed between cement platforms. They discovered a used condom in the location where they believe the sex took place, giving them biological proof.

However, DNA testing at the time wasn’t sufficiently sophisticated to produce a profile. While the case remained unresolved in the years that followed, there was some progress made in the 2000s when the condom and other proof were sent for testing. The DNA profile from Ruby’s case matched Richard Aguirre, a former police officer assigned to the Fairchild Air Force Base in Washington during the 1980s, only in 2014 when there was a match in CODIS.

In Franklin County, Washington, Richard was charged with raping his niece at some point in 2014. He had been a police officer since 1988, but he left the department after being put on administrative leave during the inquiry. As part of the investigation into the sexual assault, Richard gave the authorities a sample of his DNA. The police received a hit once this was gathered and sent to CODIS because his biological profile matched the DNA found at Ruby’s crime scene.

Several people who knew Richard had described him knowing Ruby or being with her during later inquiries. One former police officer and Richard’s colleague claimed that Richard acknowledged having sex with Ruby but claimed she was still alive when he left. Joan Thomasson, an ex-girlfriend, testified that Richard admitted to meeting Ruby around the time of her murder and having sex with her.

One more of Richard’s friends spoke to the authorities. In 1986 and 1987, she described going to the local taverns and strip spots with him. They sought sex workers at least once during that time, she added.

On one of Richard’s cell phones, the police discovered more than 70,000 images and more than 300 movies when they were looking into the alleged rape. The majority of them involved sexual activity between men and women, some of which didn’t seem to be aware that they were being caught on camera.

Where is Richard Aguirre Now

What Happened to Richard Aguirre and Where Is He Now?

Richard had a voyeurism charge against him dropped and was cleared of the rape before his trial for Ruby’s murder. He was first accused of killing Ruby, but the defense argued that the case should be dropped because they were unable to run their own testing because the condom was misplaced. When the allegations were dropped in December 2017, they were successful.

But when Richard’s DNA matched the evidence discovered on the condom package, he was charged once more in September 2020. Additionally, the defense argued that Richard was in South Korea at the time of the murder based on military documents. The prosecution countered that he arrived in South Korea on February 21, 1986—many months after the murder—according to a counselor’s report.

However, a wrongful judgment was ruled in December 2021 as the jury was unable to agree on a decision. Richard, who was 57 at the time, didn’t give testimony during the trial but insisted on his innocence. Earlier, during closing arguments, the defense brought up the discovery of other men’s DNA on Ruby, which raised questions about Richard’s involvement.

He recruited a new lawyer in January 2022 for his upcoming second trial, which was due to start in May 2022. According to what we know, Richard is still in Washington awaiting his trial and may stay there until a decision is made.

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