Savannah Paschal Murder: How Did Trent Paschal Die?

Savannah Paschal Murder

Savannah Paschal Murder: Is Trent Paschal Dead or Alive? – The search for Trent Paschal started when a gunshot incident happened at home in La Marque, Texas, resulting in a fatality. When his wife, Savannah Paschal, was discovered dead, it was assumed that her husband had murdered her. The events surrounding Savannah’s death and the family’s quest for justice are detailed in Lifetime episode “Meet Marry Murder.” Therefore, if you wish to learn more about what transpired, we can help.

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How Did Savannah Paschal Die

Savannah Paschal’s Cause of Death

Michael and Shirley Kinchen welcomed Savannah into the world in August 1990 in Pasadena, Texas. As a young girl, she participated in sports like gymnastics, swimming, dancing, and horseback riding. It was said that the 30-year-old was a kind and giving person with a soft spot for abandoned animals. She was a student at the Texas-based Commonwealth School of Mortuary Science at the time of the incident and was set to graduate in May 2021.

In addition, Savannah and Trent Paschal were married and shared a son and a daughter. The authorities must quickly reach the Paschal residence in La Marque on October 21, 2020. Savannah’s mother, Shirley Kinchen, discovered her daughter unconscious in the bedroom. The young mother was shot twice in the abdomen, both of which proved fatal; she was declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Who Killed Savannah Paschal

Who Killed Savannah Paschal and Why?

When the attack occurred, Shirley Kinchen, who was present, instantly claimed that Trent, Savannah’s husband, was to blame. Trent had been hidden in the main bedroom’s bathroom, and when she noticed him, he jumped out and threatened to kill her and Savannah. When Shirley heard two gunshots, she was able to escape and started running outside. Shirley subsequently returned to discover her daughter bleeding on the floor after Trent departed. Then Trent was located in Houston, Texas, but he resisted being taken into custody. He was eventually shot after being suspected of pulling a gun on a police officer.

After that, Trent was transferred to the hospital, where he recovered for several months. Meanwhile, the authorities discovered information that enabled them to comprehend the circumstances behind the shooting. They were informed by a neighbour that Trent had argued with Savannah the morning of the event before leaving. Savannah then visited a neighbour’s house before coming back with her mother. According to the officials, Trent was allegedly waiting for the police in the restroom at this period.

Shirley later claimed that her daughter informed Trent that she could no longer live with him since he was a convicted felon. Trent had been accused of stealing before, but until that point, no one had ever accused him of violence. Additionally, Trent taped a video that was posted to YouTube and found by the authorities. He expressed his affection for his daughter and addressed her in it. In another section of the video, Trent referred to Savannah, saying, “I knew she was kind of too young. I didn’t– She’s been playing me for a fool. I told her not to mess with me, not to mess with my emotions. Don’t play with me.”

Trent further asserted that he overheard Savannah discussing a sex dream with another man on the phone. Additionally, one of the neighbours captured a video in which Trent reportedly confesses to shooting his wife to Savannah’s aunt. Trent was detained but was released on bond; in April 2021, he disconnected his ankle monitor and went to a Houston car dealership. Trent allegedly asked for a test drive there and afterwards allegedly used force to eject the salesman from the car before driving off in it.

How Did Trent Paschal Die

How Did Trent Paschal Die?

The police were informed that Trent, who was 48 then, was residing at an RV park in Ocala, Florida, toward the end of 2021. At that point, he had been evading capture for more than nine months. The police went to the park on December 31, 2021, requesting Trent to exit the van he was living in. However, they discovered him dead from a self-inflicted wound after hearing a gunshot ring out.

Trent had two firearms at the time, and despite breaking the terms of his bail twice, it wasn’t revoked before he fled. Shirley said, “Did I want him to be held responsible for his actions? Did I want to look him in the eye and for him to face me again with what he had done? Yes. Am I sorry that he longer walks on this earth? No.”

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