Surface Episode 5 “It Comes in Waves” Recap and Ending Explained

Surface Episode 5 recap and ending explained

Surface Episode 5 Recap and Ending Explained – Amid a hallucinatory experience brought on by a risky decision, Sophie begins to wonder what kind of person she actually is or was.

Veronica West created the psychological thriller series “Surface” on Apple TV+. The story centres on Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a young person who has significant amnesia following a failed suicide attempt. Her life appears to be ideal on the surface. She leads an abundant life as a member of San Francisco’s Elites, has a supportive spouse, and has wonderful friends.

However, Sophie asks her therapist why she attempted suicide if her life was so ideal. Sophie continues to struggle with her disjointed memories in episode 5, “It Comes in Waves.” Sophie feels less bad about her own indiscretions after learning that James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) had been unfaithful to her as well. 

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Surface Episode 5 recap

Surface Episode 5 “It Comes in Waves” Recap

Baden (Stephen James) and Sophie are shown relaxing on the beach at the start of the episode. Sophie acknowledges that it’s getting harder for her to maintain the ideal wife persona while living in that house with James. According to Baden, she won’t have to do that for very long. Though there isn’t much on it, Baden’s snitch obtains all the details he can about James from his work computer. If all goes as planned, he will detain James tonight for mishandling money.

Harrison makes the loan information public at James’ company, relieving James of the pressure. Sophie begins to feel a lot freer after Caroline confesses to Sophie that she had an affair with James. She had been feeling bad about her affair with Baden until recently. Sophie believes that since she now knows James has some secrets of his own, that puts them on an equal footing.

When Baden and his mole finally get together, the latter learns that James’ work PC is empty of any helpful information. Because of this, Baden decides to break into Sophie and James’ house when they aren’t there. The hallucinogenic drugs Baden has hidden are visible to Sophie when she visits his residence. Sophie swallows a few of the tablets, keeping in mind what the clinic’s doctor indicated regarding their possible value as a memory enhancer.

At home, Sophie gradually begins to take charge of her life. She tells James that she is aware of the relationship, ostensibly breaking free from his grip. They go to an event planned at Caroline’s gallery, and shortly after, Sophie begins acting strangely after ingesting the psychedelic from Baden’s house. In the meantime, Baden breaks into Sophie and James’ house and begins gathering proof.

He succeeds in gaining access to James’ laptop and finds that the other man has kept track of all the money irregularities. While under the drug’s influence, Sophie starts to wander the city as memories of the past start to come back to her. Meanwhile, upon learning of her disappearance, Baden and James start to worry.

Baden approaches James on his own, confident that he has what it takes to imprison James permanently. Based on the “suicide note” she left behind, James knows that Sophie is having an affair. Even though they have both been acutely aware of the other’s presence, this is the first time these two guys have met.

Who Stole the Money from James’ Firm

Who Stole the Money from James’ Firm in Surface Episode 5?

The $13 million was very certainly taken out of the company by James until the very end of episode 5, though his motives have always been murky. But as we find out in episode 5, the cash ended up in Tess Caldwell’s account, which looks to be Sophie’s real identity. This indicates that Sophie was the one who defrauded the bank and was attempting to flee the country when the event aboard the ship occurred. When sharing the information with Sophie, Baden thinks he has no idea who Tess is and thinks that James adopted the alias to hide money.

Sophie reportedly jumped from a ship that was sailing toward an island with a private airfield. Sophie seems prepared to walk away from everything, including Baden. She had achieved her goals for her life in San Francisco, and it was now time to move on. But Sophie is a very different person now than she was before the incident.

The more recent one doesn’t appear to be terrified of discovering unpleasant realities about herself. When she gets home, James and Baden are both waiting for her. She encourages James to tell her the truth as she passes by Baden and enters her home with him. And he does, acknowledging that she was the one who actually took the money.

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