Tips for Nailing Winged Eye Liner

Winged eyes are a classical fashion look nowadays. It has been highly exercised by fashion studios and modeling ramps. Every woman seeks a feline touch to her eyes. Here are some tips to nail your cat eye look with natural mineral makeup.


1. Your best liner

The idea to a ravishing winged look is to choose the liner that you can handle easily. Liners come in liquid, gel and in marker tip forms. Gel liners are easier to apply. Liquid liners can lead to blotch spots and are harder to maintain throughout your day. Marker eye liners are the easiest to use. You can make a relatively neat outline and color it in.

2. Taut skin

Many of us make this casual mistake. It is often observed that if you pull taut your skin, the liner will hinder a neater look. This is not the case. Don’t pull your skin at the corners. Otherwise it might to lead to crease marks. Let your skin lose.

3. Equality

Not all winged liners have the same look. It depends on the length of the outer rim of your eye. In order to ensure an identical look, start tracing your liner from the tear duct area and extend it till the corner of your eyebrows. This is the trick to do it all!

4. Smudging and fixing

If your winged eye liner smudges at the corner or if it doesn’t give you the look it should, there is no need to worry. Dab lotion on a piece of cotton and rub the place gently. For a more precise look, you can use cotton buds and make it all better.

Let’s help you make your cat eye look, stunning!