Too Hot to Handle Brazil: Are Justen and Nayara Still Together?

Justen and Nayara From Too Hot to Handle Brazil

Are Justen and Nayara From Too Hot to Handle Brazil Still Together? – The American-British television series of the same name will be the inspiration for the Brazilian reality dating game show, “Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,” which will debut on Netflix on July 21, 2021, as part of a two-week event.

The show, hosted by a virtual assistant named “Lana,” centres on 10 adults locked up in a house for four weeks and must participate in various workshops while prohibited from kissing, sexual contact, or self-gratification. The financial prize is reduced at any time if a rule is broken. All participants primarily have meaningless flings and cannot build lasting relationships. On November 23, 2021, Netflix decided to renew Too Hot to Handle: Brazil for a second season.

The show’s hosts, AI named Lana, transport the contestants to a stunning retreat where they are kept under observation. To encourage a stronger emotional bond between them, the cast members are forbidden from indulging in any sexual activity throughout the show. Any violation of the rules would result in a deduction from the R$500,000 grand prize.

The show’s second season was recently released, and it introduced many fresh faces to the audience. The “Wakanda Couple,” also known as Justen Nosoliny and Nayara “Nay” Colombo, were the couple that the audience paid the most attention to. The audience was captivated by their trip throughout the concert, which was filled with ups and downs. Fans are naturally curious about the two’s current activities. Are they still together, or did they end their relationship? Fortunately, you can find the solutions you require here!

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Are Justen and Nayara From Too Hot to Handle Brazil Still Together

Justen Nosoliny and Nayara Colombo’s Journey on the Show

In the opening episode of the second season of “Too Hot to Handle: Brazil,” Justen Nosoliny and Nayara “Nay” Colombo made their debuts. They were drawn to one another immediately and wasted no time getting to know one another. The actors initially believed they were a part of a different reality programme, but when Lana revealed the truth, Justen and Nayara found it increasingly difficult to resist one other.

To everyone’s horror, Justen and Nayara repeatedly kissed during an event, costing the cast R$60,000. Despite no one contesting their link, the pair came under heightened scrutiny. After a while, Lana set up a date for them where Justen and Nayara were able to strengthen their emotional connection without violating any social norms. Lana was pleased with their restraint and gave them the option to spend the night in the suite where the regulations continued to be in effect.

The couple’s night of solitude was overtaken by temptation, and they abandoned all sense of caution in favour of pure enjoyment. However, Lana notified them the following day that their activities had resulted in an additional R$250,000 deduction. Lana informed the housemates that she would not fine them if they consented to the expulsion of Justen and Nayara since she felt it was unjust that a single pair had squandered more than 60% of the entire reward money.

The “Wakanda Couple” was allowed to stay in the house despite the other residents’ hostility toward the two. According to Lana’s warning, Justen and Nayara would be immediately booted from the show if they breached another rule together. Justen and Nayara could keep the vow for the rest of their time. Lana once more invited them to use the suite in the previous episode. The AI recognised their emotional connection and turned the suite green for an hour, allowing them to do whatever they wished during that period. Given the two’s close bond, we know that fans are want to learn if Justen and Nayara are still together, so we’ve put together all the information we have on the subject.

Are Nayara Colombo and Justen Nosoliny Still Dating?

Nayara “Nay” Colombo and Justen Nosoliny are almost certainly still together. The couple hasn’t officially disclosed their relationship to the public as of this writing. However, their close relationship with the programme and their current social media activity indicates that they are, at the very least friendly, if not romantically involved. Together with another contestant Sandri Oliveira, the couple recently travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Maracan Stadium.

The likelihood of the two of them being in a relationship is extremely strong, especially in light of the complimentary comments they have left on each other’s Instagram pictures. They both work as fashion models, with Nayara based in the Brazilian city of Florianópolis. Isis Trindade Nosoliny, Justen’s gorgeous 3-year-old daughter, is another child he appears to be co-parenting with Isabelle Trindade. We wish Justen and Nayara all the best in life and envision them having a bright future.

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