FX’s Mini-Series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’: Where Are They Now?

Under the Banner of Heaven - where are they now

Under the Banner of Heaven: Where Are They Now? – Let’s find out all of them. The murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, a Mormon mother and her daughter, are the subject of FX on Hulu’s crime series ‘Under the Banner of Heaven,’ which is based on a true event. The double homicide is investigated by detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba, who discover that the crimes are linked to Mormon fundamentalism. Pyre and Taba’s efforts to find the murderers within the Lafferty family are the focus of the limited series.

Since the show closes with the conclusion of the double murder investigation, viewers will be curious to learn about the current whereabouts of those directly or indirectly engaged in the case. So, let’s share what we’ve learned!

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Where are Detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba Now

What Happened to Detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba?

The show’s protagonists, Detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba, are fictional characters created for the show by creator Dustin Lance Black. Black depicts the impact of Brenda and Erica’s killings, which were driven by Mormon fundamentalist views, on a Mormon believer and parent through Jeb Pyre.

Pyre’s faith and convictions are questioned as the investigation develops, which led Ron and Dan to murder their sister-in-law and niece. Bill Taba, a Native American, was created to provide a non-Mormon perspective on the murder investigation. Black provides an objective perspective on the Mormon community surrounding Brenda and Erica through the character.

Terry Fox, the former American Fox Police Department Chief, led the investigation into Brenda and Erica’s murders. Despite the fact that lead detective Jeb Pyre has his own existence, Fox appears to have had a significant role in the murder investigations, much like the character.

Fox was appointed head of the American Fork Police Department in 1998 and resigned in 2005. He subsequently went to work at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where Brenda was a student. He has been the operations manager of the traffic division of the university police since 2014. He now resides in the town of American Fork, Utah.

Where is Dan Lafferty Now

What Happened to Dan Lafferty?

For the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty and four additional offences, Dan Lafferty was sentenced to two life terms to be served concurrently without the chance of release. He is currently doing his time in the Utah State Prison’s maximum-security ward. In a 2004 interview, Dan stated that he would not die in prison because the prison walls would break when he ascended to the position of the biblical prophet Elijah.

I’m not sure I want to claim I know I’m Elijah.” But if I’m not, I’d be astonished,” he told Deseret News. You could say I’m waiting with bated breath to see if I’m Elijah. “I could be mistaken; perhaps it’s all just a pleasant fantasy,” he remarked.

Dan’s punishment was challenged, but the Utah Supreme Court maintained his conviction, according to sources. “It’s never affected me, never tormented me.” I don’t blame anyone if they don’t get it. But it wouldn’t come back to haunt you if you’d done it. “It was an odd phenomenon,” Dan said of the murders in the same interview with Deseret News.

Where is Ron Lafferty Now

What Happened to Ron Lafferty?

At the age of 78, Ron Lafferty died of natural causes on November 11, 2019. After spending 34 years on death row for the murders of Brenda and Erica Lafferty, he died while facing a firing squad execution at Utah State Prison in Draper. A federal appeals court refused his appeal months before his death sentence was set to be carried out.

One of Ron’s lawyers, Therese Michelle Day, told FOX 13 that his client was mentally ill. “Mr. Lafferty was a mentally ill man whose mental capacity was first called into doubt by the State of Utah before he even went to trial,” she stated in an email.

Everyone involved in this case has done an outstanding job, and our family appreciates it.” Brenda Lafferty’s sister, Sharon Wright Weeks, told FOX 13 after Ron’s death, “We are grateful that it is done.” In a statement, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said, “Now that Mr. Lafferty is facing his maker, perhaps ultimate justice can be accomplished, and the families of the victims will finally have some peace.

Where are Robin and Sam Lafferty Now

What Happened to Robin and Sam Lafferty?

Allen, Ron, and Dan’s two brothers in the show are Robin and Sam Lafferty. Allen, on the other hand, does not have any brothers named Robin or Sam. Mark Lafferty and Watson Lafferty Jr. could be the inspiration for two of them. Mark Lafferty is a chiropractor now practising in Payson, Utah.

In addition, he holds a doctorate in Nutritional Science. He was married as of 2016. Watson Lafferty Jr., on the other hand, appears to be a tile worker in Portland, Oregon. He had fled to Utah following the killings of his two brothers.

“After a while, you realize that the experience has made you a better person because you understand what a huge thing and what a small thing is,” Watson told Salt Lake City Weekly in 2014. “A washer breaks… that’s nothing,” Watson Jr. continued, “but if someone in your family loses their soul, that’s the deepest, darkest hole you can fall into.”

According to the same interview, the killings originally drove Watson away from his Mormon faith, but he was able to reclaim it decades later.

Where is Allen Lafferty Now

What Happened to Allen Lafferty?

Allen Lafferty, Brenda’s husband and Erica’s father, appears to have remarried following the death of his first wife and daughter. The pair have made their home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, as of 2015. He currently works at a wellness centre in Utah as a lifestyle coach, mentor, and motivational speaker.

Before 2015, he was supposed to be working for a Hollywood production business in Los Angeles. Allen and his wife appear to be devout Mormons who visit the LDS temple on a regular basis.

Where are Dianna and Matilda Lafferty

What has Happened to Dianna and Matilda Lafferty?

Ron’s wife was Dianna. Dianna filed divorce proceedings against Ron when he became a fundamentalist and expressed his desire to practise polygamy. In the autumn of 1983, the divorce was formalised.

Following her divorce, Dianna and her six children relocated to Florida. During her ex-trial, husband’s she reportedly testified to a Utah County prosecutor. Dianna has opted to keep her life secret since then, most likely as a result of the enormous attention Ron has received.

Dan’s wife Matilda, like Dianna, has chosen to remain anonymous following Dan’s trial. Matilda and Dan were not divorced at the time of Dan’s arrest. It’s unclear whether the couple legally divorced after Dan’s incarceration.

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