What Was in the Michelle Carter’s Note to ‘Susie Pierce’?

Is Susie Pierce Michelle Carter’s Friend in Real Life
The Girl From Plainville -- “Can’t Fight This Feeling” - Episode 104 -- As the threat of legal action mounts, Gail and David hire a lawyer to represent their daughter; Co and Lynn struggle with their pasts and Michelle tries to help Coco settle into a new normal. Michelle (Elle Fanning) and Susie Pierce (Pearl Amanda Dickson), shown. (Photo by: Steve Dietl/Hulu)

Did Michelle Carter Really Leave a Note for Susie Pierce? – ‘The Girl from Plainville,’ a miniseries based on the tragic texting-suicide death of Conrad Roy III, follows practically every aspect of the real-life case as closely as possible. Due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter and the young ages of the participants, a few elements have been dramatized/fictionalized for amusement reasons, as the show makes clear before each episode.

So now that we know Michelle Carter had a particular relationship with Susie Pierce at one point, let’s learn more about the note that was revealed in episode 5.

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Is Susie Pierce Michelle Carter’s Friend in Real Life

Did Michelle Carter wrote a Note for Susie Pierce? What was in it, exactly?

Michelle Carter met Susie Pierce (possibly based on a real person named Alice Felzmann) while playing softball on a travel team, and the two became almost inseparable after that. The couple had it all, from connecting over not fitting in at school to night stays, from athleticism to binge-watching ‘Glee,’ until the latter abruptly severed relations with Michelle on her mother’s wishes.

Susie’s mother, like Alice Felzmann’s, thought the teen was not only a terrible influence but also aggressive and obsessed with her daughter, so she tried everything she could to keep them away.

Michelle and Susie (and Alice) initially refused to comply, instead opting to contact with one another via the internet. When they were captured again, the latter eventually succumbed to her mother. She even goes so far as to say she isn’t into girls on the programme, leaving Michelle heartbroken and turning to Conrad and a few other pals for comfort.

It’s soon revealed that Michelle texted them, saying that her ex-boyfriend was her first kiss (a message she also gave in person), which the latter categorically rejects. There appeared to be no physical contact between the two girls at any time.

After Alice ended her relationship with Michelle for good, she received an envelope with an unknown return address, which her mother discovered first. Michelle actually did write a letter to the person she considered closest to her, as the Hulu original implies, and she didn’t hand it over until after the involuntary manslaughter indictment in 2015, implying that she did send a letter to the person she felt closest to her.

According to Alice, her mother, and a third person, the small envelope included a three-page long love note of sorts, although none of them have ever released what those pages actually said to the public. Michelle’s behaviour toward Conrad and others has even been considered to be all seeking attention from the friend she lost, especially based on the messages she sent her buddies.

“I’m fascinated with her like idk how to stop,” one of the texts stated. It’s her I think about in every love song or anything.” “I thought it was a phase at first, like I thought we were just really good friends,” Michelle wrote in another text. But we started chatting like we were in a relationship, flirting and all that. I’m not sure if I’m bisexual.

I believe it’s because I’ve never had a relationship like that with another girl before.” Regardless of whether it was for publicity or not, Michelle’s active actions contributed to Conrad’s death.

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