Where Are Joseph McStay’s Dad ‘Patrick’ and Brother ‘Michael’ Now?

Where Are Patrick and Michael McStay Now
Patrick McStay

McStay Family Murder – Where Are Patrick and Michael McStay Now? – ‘Two Shallow Graves‘ on Investigation Discovery covers the prosecution of Charles “Chase” Merritt, who is accused of murdering Joseph McStay and his family. When Joseph, his wife, and their children mysteriously vanished in February 2010, officials had few leads. That changed in November 2013, when the McStay family’s bodies were discovered, with evidence linking Chase, Joseph’s friend and business partner, to the murders.

Patrick and Michael McStay, Joseph’s father and brother, were left with countless unanswered concerns after their loved ones vanished, prompting Patrick to launch his own inquiry. So, if you’re curious about where Patrick and Michael McStay are now, here’s what we know.

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Who Are Patrick and Michael McStay
Patrick McStay (center) and Michael McStay (right)

Patrick and Michael McStay: Who Are They?

The show’s guest, Patrick McStay, went into great depth about the case and Joseph’s early life. According to Patrick, Joseph met Susan, her mother, when he was just two years old. Joseph and his brother, Michael, were inseparable as children. Patrick and Susan ultimately divorced, although he maintained a strong relationship with Joseph.

Patrick received a call from Dan Kavanaugh, who indicated he hadn’t heard from Joseph in days, around the time Joseph and his family vanished in early February 2010. Michael wasn’t concerned at first because Joseph, Summer, and their children were known to take trips. So he assumed it would be the same this time.

However, as time passed and no contact was made, the family became concerned. He later testified at Chase’s trial, claiming that he and Chase went to Joseph’s house a few days after the McStays were last seen. Chase was hesitant to enter because of his criminal past, according to Michael.

Authorities uncovered surveillance footage from the US-Mexico border in San Ysidro, California, after a family of four went missing. It showed a family that resembled the McStays crossing the border into Mexico. Michael, on the other hand, was certain it wasn’t one of his family, saying, “Summer would never send the boys to Mexico.” My brother and I had surfed there years ago, and it isn’t as safe as it used to be,” she said.

Patrick, on the other hand, discussed Joseph’s previous connections to Mexico. Patrick knew about his son’s business transactions because he was an early investor in the company. He believes Joseph has previously visited border areas and conducted business in Tijuana, Mexico, according to him.

Furthermore, as the leads dried up and the case came to a halt, Joseph’s friends Patrick and Gina Watson launched their own inquiry. They went through multiple emails, according to the show. Patrick eventually named four people he suspected of being involved: Chase, Dan, Vick Johansen (Summer’s ex-partner), and Michael McFadden (Joseph’s ex-wife’s husband).

Where Are Patrick and Michael McStay Now
Michael McStay

What Has Happened to Patrick and Michael McStay and Where Are They Now?

Patrick testified in court after Chase Merritt was convicted guilty of murdering Joseph and his family. “I hope you burn in hell,” he continued, “but I’ll pray for your family and children, because they’re all just more innocent victims that you had no regard or care for when you slaughtered my family and inflicted such sorrow and suffering that will last forever.”

Patrick spoke on the television about being separated from his family after Joseph went missing due to conflicts. He appears to reside in Spring, Texas, according to our information. Michael has kept a quiet profile after the lawsuit was finished, and it appears that he and his family now reside in California. What Michael does now, though, is unknown.

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