Where is Bank Rio Robber Alberto “Beto” De la Torre Today?

Bank Rio Robber Alberto “Beto” De la Torre

Where is Bank Rio Robber Alberto “Beto” De la Torre Now? – A thorough examination of the painstakingly planned robbery of a Banco Rio branch in Buenos Aires is given in the Netflix-produced Argentinian documentary film “Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist.” The film sheds light on the almost absurdly large idea and scheme, which was no less than heist missions in video games.

The film stars the significant perpetrators of the incident, who themselves narrate their account of the bank robbery. In addition to its exciting material, ‘Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist‘ uses small sets and theatrical reenactments with dummies to depict the events that occurred on the day of the heist and thus furthers the entertainment.

One of them was Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre, popularly known as “The Thug.” If you’re interested in finding out more about him and his current whereabouts, keep reading the article below.

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Beto De la Torre
Beto De la Torre

Alberto “Beto” De la Torre: Who is He?

Rubén Alberto “Beto” De la Torre, who was born in Constitución and attended a Catholic school up until he was about 12 years old, but as soon as he left, his casual mischief changed drastically. In the original, he remarked, “I’d go out and get into trouble with buddies who were also much like me. “Everything began as an adventure. I started stealing after it became a habit. But his subsequent time in jail only encouraged him to join a gang, so he soon began to commit armed robberies and kidnappings for ransom. “It becomes second nature; theft and crime.”

According to the movie, Beto had spent nearly two decades of his 52 years in prison on that fateful January morning, and his connections were why he initially became engaged. Since his then-wife Alicia di Tullio handed the entire gang in, he was among the first people to be hired for the job, the first to arrive at the location, and the first to be captured as well.

Although he says it was just the consequence of a quarrel over her using the haul quite freely, some hypotheses contend that her acts directly resulted from his alleged infidelity and desire to depart with his girlfriend.

Where is Albert “Beto” De la Torre Now?

Alicia’s involvement in the “robbery of the century” was proven by the $938,700, 30,084 euros, and 80,315 pesos that were retrieved from their residence. Therefore, he was ultimately given a 15-year prison term in 2010, with witness comments from the court case purportedly shedding light on his past and a short fuse. Except for the group’s leader and artist, Fernando Araujo, he actually received the heaviest penalty. However, after an appeal, the sentence was lowered to 12 ½ years, and he was freed after 8½ years.

Regarding his current whereabouts, Beto not only revealed a portion of his biography in the journalistic book “Robbery of the Century: The Secret History,” but it also appears that he is an aspiring actor. Even though the former proprietor of the cell phone store is currently approaching his 70s, he still looks pretty active. Thus, he landed a significant part in not only the miniseries “Un Gallo Para Esculapio” (also known as “The Cockfighter”), but also a cameo in the upcoming film “El Robo Del Siglo” (also known as “The Heist of the Century”).

We should also point out that the Netflix film depicts the Buenos Aires ex-offender as a current advocate for people who are similar to him. Beto admits that while he is somewhat pleased with the heist itself, “no amount of money can pay for the time I lost. In the span of a year, I can do a lot of things but locked up; I’m useless. I can’t do anything. Then you look back at the time you lost, banging your head against the wall, wanting revenge, and getting let out, only to get locked up again. You add up the years, and you lost your whole life to this. I can say it wasn’t worth it.”

Beto previously said to Infobae, “I am sorry for what I did in the crime, but I am not sorry for who I am. And because we had a good team and it was my ideal retirement, the heist of the century was incredible. From then on, unforeseen things came to my mind, like many people greeting me because we defeated, in some way, the power of a bank.”

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