Where is Joseph McStay’s Business Associate ‘Dan Kavanaugh’ Today?

Who is Dan Kavanaugh

Where is Joseph McStay’s Business Associate Now? – The mysterious disappearance of Joseph McStay, his wife Summer, and their two sons in February 2010 raised a lot of questions. After three years of suspicion, the family’s bones were discovered in a desert over a hundred miles from their house.

Two Shallow Graves,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows the case and trial of Charles “Chase” Merritt, who was convicted of the murders of the McStay family. The defence, on the other hand, blamed Daniel Kavanaugh, who worked alongside Joseph. So, here’s what we know if you’re curious about what happened.

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Where is Dan Kavanaugh Now

Dan Kavanaugh, Who is He?

Joseph McStay maintained an online business that supplied personalised water fountains at the time of the McStay family’s disappearance and subsequent murder. Dan collaborated with Joseph on the website and was in charge of improving its visibility in web searches in exchange for a share of online purchases.

Authorities arrested Joseph’s business partner, Chase, when the bodies of Joseph and his family were discovered. However, the defence maintained that Dan was motivated to kill Joseph.

A lady claiming to be Dan’s girlfriend told the police that he confessed to her about the murders throughout the investigation. According to the episode, she said that Dan confessed to killing the McStay family, but the authorities dismissed her as untrustworthy. Dan was enraged because he wasn’t included in the Chase-led endeavour, which meant he didn’t get paid, according to Chase’s defence.

Dan had even sold the company by 2011, saying that he and Joseph shared 50 percent ownership. Dan threatened to destroy Joseph’s business and family in January 2009, according to online messages, according to the defence.

According to the defence attorney, Dan threatened another man immediately after the remains were discovered in 2013. Dan allegedly said that he “knows how to make people disappear,” and that they would “discover his bones in the desert,” according to reports.

Where is Dan Kavanaugh today

What Happened to Dan Kavanaugh and Where Is He Now?

Dan withdrew about $13,000 from Joseph’s PayPal account and moved it to his personal account within three weeks of his disappearance, according to Chase’s defence. They also accused Dan of diverting some of the funds to Chase for business purposes. However, there was no proof linking Dan to the murders.

Dan claimed to have been in Hawaii at the time of the disappearance, and his girlfriend corroborated his tale, according to the episode. Dan appears to have kept a quiet profile since then, and it’s unclear what he’s up to now. He currently resides in San Diego, California, with his friends and family.

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