Where is Glow Up Season 4 Winner Yong-Chin Breslin Today?

Where is Glow Up Season 4 Winner Yong-Chin Breslin Now

Where is Glow Up Season 4 Winner Yong-Chin Breslin Now? – Netflix has recently released a new season of Glow Up. That’s right, the popular reality competition show about makeup has launched a brand-new season on Netflix after closing off its stint on the BBC across the pond. Ten aspiring makeup artists from across Britain are prepared for a head-to-head competition in which only the best will advance. They will encounter weekly creative briefs based on which they must demonstrate their best abilities.

The show’s judges are Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, two masters of cosmetics and beauty. Additionally, the upcoming season will consist of eight episodes, each lasting 60 minutes.

The Glow Up contestants will take part in an eight-week challenge. They will be given weekly expert assignments for TV, theater, front covers, and internet beauty ads. Additionally, each episode includes two objectives for candidates to complete: a professional brief and a creative brief.

A guest judge establishes a professional brief immediately, whereas a creative brief can be created in preparation. Each professional’s brief’s duty will be completed, and two MUAs will be chosen to finish last. In the second phase, which will be the creative brief, these two MUAs will compete.

When she explained how she managed to work as a freelance makeup artist and a part-time nanny at the same time on season four of “Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star,” Yong-Chin Marika Breslin unexpectedly became a favorite fan contender. Additionally, her outstanding abilities during the season distinguished her from the competitors and piqued people’s interest in her location. So keep reading below to know more about her.

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Yong-Chin Marika Breslin Glow Up The Next Makeup Star Journey

Yong-Chin’s Journey on “Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star”

Yong-Chin, who was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1996 to a Malaysian mother and a Scottish father, spent most of her formative years there. It’s interesting to note that Yong-Chin never intended to pursue a profession as a makeup artist, despite her early interest in beauty and cosmetics. Instead, the native of Scotland decided to enroll in the Kingston School of Arts, which is part of Kingston University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in fashion design after graduating from high school.

After receiving her diploma, Yong-Chin decided to get some much-needed professional experience by working as a studio intern for a few businesses. The COVID-19 shutdown, however, put a stop to her aspirations and compelled her to widen her interests. When she actually started researching the makeup artists’ profession at that point, the Scotland native decided to build her career out of it. She interestingly added that she is self-taught and even works part-time as a nanny to make ends meet.

When she first appeared on “Glow Up: The Next Makeup Star,” Yong-Chin astounded everyone with her exceptional makeup abilities and quickly became a favorite to win the contest. The Scotswoman, who appeared to be a rigid perfectionist and was intensely competitive in her artistic endeavors, also made some relatively close friends.

At the same time, she was a contestant on the show. It’s interesting to note that during the first episode, Yong-Chin was nearly eliminated. Still, she quickly stepped up her game and won the social media and London Fashion Week tasks, ultimately naming her the winner.

Where is Yong-Chin Today?

After season 4’s filming was finished, Yong-Chin appeared to have moved back to Sutton, England, where she runs a freelance cosmetics company. Yong-Chin runs her business freelance, but because of her reputation in the field, she is well-known, and her official website includes raving reviews of her work.

Sadly, Yong-Chin has chosen to maintain seclusion about her personal life and doesn’t disclose anything publicly. However, based on appearances, she has created a life surrounded by her loved ones and is committed to growing her company. It’s interesting because she said she wanted to work with fashion prosthetics and extreme beauty and even mentioned wanting to move to New York City for more exposure.

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