The Anarchists: Where is Lily Forester Now?

Where is Lily Forester Now

Where is Anarchist Lily Forester Today? Let’s find her. – The effects of diverse people coming together to form a free community have historically never been as anticipated, and that is just what the HBO documentary “The Anarchists” explores. Since there were some setbacks along the way, this six-part docuseries is largely the story of how a motivated anti-government movement transformed into an unanticipated series of events.

We have the information for you if you want to learn more about these libertarians, including fugitive and fortunate survivor Lily Forester, as well as her own experiences throughout the years.

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John Galton Murder

Lily Forester: Who is She?

Due to her familial history and environment, Lily Forester, real name Miranda Webb, was exposed to themes of agorism as a child; yet, in reality, she didn’t start living this way until she was a college student. Her entire world was turned upside down by the terrible jaw damage the president of Kent State University’s Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) had in a roller-skating accident. John Galton, her new boyfriend, supported her through it, but the fact that she had to use marijuana to control her pain made her “wake up to the status of the world.”

Lily and John ultimately decided to move to Detroit to fully embrace anarchism within the Fireweed Universe-City society, and it was on their route there that they encountered difficulties. According to the former, their car was “like the Mary Poppins of cannabis,” which means they were detained after police unexpectedly arrived to search it and made multiple drug-related arrests.

According to the HBO original, the pair was apparently facing 25–27 years in prison, which prompted them to leave for Mexico as soon as they were released on bond. They were aware of Anarchapulco and were still committed to the anarchist lifestyle.

What Happened to Lily Forester and Where Is She Now?

For a while, Lily (and John) seemed to be doing well in Acapulco, Mexico, especially since she had figured out how to use her web presence in addition to her conversational abilities to earn a respectable livelihood. However, everything changed when John was shot and killed while defending her in their own home in early February 2019; the anarchist voluntaryist utopia had turned into a violent wasteland.

Lily decided to cancel the Anarchaforko anarcho-capitalist conference she and her partner had planned, go into hiding for a bit, and begin the process of obtaining permanent residency through legal means. In terms of Lily’s current situation, it appears that while she has actively kept John alive in her heart, to the best of her ability, she has also successfully moved on with her life.

The native of Mexico is currently associated with the artist Cabra Cuerno, has begun training in circus arts as a form of self-expression, and is continuing to hone her skills in homesteading, glassblowing, writing, crocheting, and crafting in order to work as much as possible as a freelancer. In addition to starting a personal blog, fittingly named “Highly Functional Growth,” Lily also now manages all of Anarchapulco’s website content.

You can stream full episodes of The Anarchists on HBO and HBO Max.

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