Annastasia “Annie” Hester Murder: Where Is Matthew Hester Now?

Where is Matthew Hester Now

Where Is Matthew Hester Now in Annastasia “Annie” Hester Murder? – Annastasia “Annie” Hester was severely attacked in her Gresham, Oregon, apartment in June 2016. She was alone at the time of the occurrence and was able to dial 911 before succumbing to her injuries at a local hospital.

Her ex-husband, Matthew Hester, and his then-wife, Angela Hester, were eventually apprehended by the authorities. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: The Undoing‘ focuses on Angela’s stabbing of Annie and Matthew’s role in the crime. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here’s what we know.

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Who is Matthew Hester

What is Matthew Hester’s background?

Matthew and Annie tied the knot in July 2008 and divorced in August 2012. Annie had full custody of their daughter at the time of the incident, despite the fact that they had a daughter together. According to their mutual friend James Morganstern, the two broke their romance after Annie discovered Matthew cheating on her.

Matthew lived with a roommate after moving out on his own to help pay the rent. Angela McCraw, a mother of three who later married him in 2014, was his roommate. When asked about Annie’s murder, Matthew originally claimed he had no knowledge of it. He claimed to have been sleeping when challenged with a video of a car that looked identical to his that had been seen in the neighbourhood.

The authorities then discovered that Matthew owed Annie almost $13,000 in past child support as well as nearly $29,000 in legal fees. Matthew and Angela, on the other hand, were on government assistance at the time.

“Matt explained that his children have various disabilities and receive social security payments or payouts from the state; therefore he lives off the revenues of his children’s disabilities,” a Gresham detective said. In addition, Annie had a $100,000 life insurance policy with her parents as the beneficiaries.

According to an insurance official, Matthew called within a week of Annie’s death to see if he or the little girl would be covered by the policy. Matthew admitted to talking to Angela about killing Annie in a 2017 interview. He claimed to having five such chats but never followed through.

Matthew even met with Angela’s ex-husband to engage him for a hit but was unable to do so since the couple lacked the necessary funds (between $10,000 and $50,000). He also told the cops that Angela awoke him the morning Annie died, terrified, and asked for his assistance cleaning up.

Matthew reported that he assisted Angela with the bathroom clean-up and noticed blood on her skin and hair. Matthew never asked her where she had gone or where the blood came from after noticing she was cut. He afterwards used disinfectant wipes to clean up the blood in the car. “What can I do to ensure she doesn’t get caught?” Matthew wondered as he didn’t want Angela to become a suspect.

Where is Matthew Hester today
Matthew was sentenced to 56 months in prison.

What Happened to Matthew Hester and Where Is He Now?

In June 2019, Matthew Hester, then 38 years old, was arrested. He pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit murder and impeding prosecution a few years later, in August 2021. If new evidence develops against him, authorities may charge him with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Following that, Matthew was sentenced to 56 months in prison. He is still detained at the Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla, Oregon, according to records. He can be released as early as March 2023.

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